Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bittersweet Melodies

I remember us
before we turned to dusk
just when these feelings were all about
when we could still trust
in our hearts

I just can’t help it. This video makes me weep with happiness. Maybe that’s the very definition of bittersweet, the unbridled heart-soaring to the point of tears?

Love me some Feist. This song is from her fourth album, Metals.



Kerry O'Connor said...

That was just lovely, Marian. I smiled throughout and want to rush out and recreate some icon photos! Really, this made me so happy and a gorgeous song too. Thanks, poet sister.

Rommy said...

WAH! Who told you my youngest child turns 13 tomorrow? *cries* OMG, the timing is beyond perfect for me for this one.

brudberg said...

Oh I love Feist... Will keep this in the back of my mind until I get back

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your prompt, Ms. Marian, have poked the heart's memories and made everything spill out of the tear-ducts. And that's all right. Because every now and then, we need to share a really good cry with our bittersweet memories... ♥

Hannah said...

I explored and found a different video...hope you don't mind. I love this feature, Marian...I always learn of new artists!

Thank you!

Marian said...

Hi, Friends!
So glad this resonated, I love it SO MUCH. Did anyone recognize Billy Bragg on the bus as the bridge soared? Just perfect.
I am running today but will be around in the morning to read your offerings. Keep em coming! I'm hoping to add one of my own as well.
xoxoxox to all of you.
PS. Rommy, my baby turns 10 in a couple weeks! ARGH

Susie Clevenger said...

Great prompt Marian!!

Angie said...

Another one of my birds is flying the coop in 5 months and counting. Our household has been off-kilter in anticipation of her most happy graduation. Her sister relationships are what make me most weepy and drenched in bitter-sweetness. I loved the Feist video and will add it to my playlist. This is exactly what my girls' teen band group does for me (make we cry) when they sing "The Story of My Life". Thanks, Marian. So many thoughts I need to collect for this one.