Thursday, March 10, 2016

Get Listed, Equinox Edition, featuring Leonard Cohen

Graphic via Allan Showalter on Leonard Cohen's Facebook page: an excerpt from the interview "At Lunch With Leonard Cohen; Philosophical Songwriter On A Wire", by Jon Pareles. New York Times: Oct 11, 1995

from the interview:

"Your voice is music enough," the woman says. "You know, you seem to be very romantic, but with your head not screwed on tight. Does it get you into trouble?" 

"Continually," Mr. Cohen replies, with the smile of someone who enjoys his troubles.

A lot of 'heads not screwed on tight' going around these days here in the US, as we prepare to elect a new president.

Terrifying, but still.

There's space, though, and time, for more - if we make it - don't you think?

This month's word list:

... or any others you choose from the quote.

As a reminder: select 3 or more of these words (or reasonable variants), write a (voluptuous) new piece and post it to your blog, then link that specific poem into Mr. Linky, below.

The prompt will remain open, so take your time and come back later, and as always, please visit the other contributors.

And because we're always borrowing from one another anyways, Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah.

and so what about that Equinox? Well, how about some John Coltrane...

A follow up interview in 2012 by Pareles with Cohen is here.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Ah... Two of my favourites in a one package deal! Cohen and Buckley. Be still my beating heart.

hedgewitch said...

A great challenge, M. I cheated and looked at it this morning, so will be posting something shortly. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hannah said...

Excellent, M! Thank you.

Susie Clevenger said...

I love the challenge! I really think my muse had me channeling a man, but hey inspiration goes where it goes.

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah all week. I think it's the only version that matters.

Outlawyer said...

Hi Michael! k.

Jim said...

Very nice prompting, Michael. I didn't do it justice, had to go.

Gillena Cox said...

Nice prompt, great word list, i stuck to 3. ENjoyed the videos

much love...

Helen said...

Leonard Cohen is my fantasy ~~~ ahhhhhhh.

brudberg said...

Been very busy... I will see if I can post something before heading to bed.

Carol Campbell said...

Very inspiring quote from which to spring! Thank you!

Fireblossom said...

I have arrived late, with gloomy poem in hand.

De Jackson said...

Very late to the party. Love this prompt. Thank you!