Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Tuesday Platform

To John Clare
      by John Clare

Well, honest John, how fare you now at home?
The spring is come, and birds are building nests;
The old cock-robin to the sty is come,
With olive feathers and its ruddy breast;
And the old cock, with wattles and red comb,
Struts with the hens, and seems to like some best,
Then crows, and looks about for little crumbs,
Swept out by little folks an hour ago;
The pigs sleep in the sty; the bookman comes—
The little boy lets home-close nesting go,
And pockets tops and taws, where daisies blow,
To look at the new number just laid down,
With lots of pictures, and good stories too,
And Jack the Giant-killer's high renown.

Well, honest poets, how fare you? Hath spring arrived in the Garden, or autumn? Welcome to the Tuesday Platform, where your host has of late been swimming in romantic poetry. Please feel welcome to join me in the pond, and to share your own poem here, romantic or otherwise. Meanwhile, I shall be watching for the bookman--

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grapeling said...

little in the kettle, so one from the shelves. best to all ~

brudberg said...

I really wanted to share this one to you as well. Sometimes it happens you feel good about a poem, and it has not been shared with the toads before. I fare well, and no farewells.

Gillena Cox said...

Remember folks, i come from a land of no spring, summer, winter or fall. Only Dry and Wet days, yet i dare to spring this newly tested form on you today

Wishing to all a Happy Tuesday

much love...

Stacie Eirich said...

I live in a land of steady, pouring rain and lingering heat. Seems fitting that I wrote about it this morning, before seeing your post. I thought of attaching a beautiful poem of blossoming Spring but decided against it, as it isn't as true as the rain today.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Ah, such a light and lyrical sonnet!

Friends, i am not yet back to my writing speed, and with my health issues, school priorities, I expect only to recover any momentum in June. Today, i am linking up a playlist of my March/April poems, for anyone who would like to listen to my readings.

My love to all in the garden.

Susie Clevenger said...

I visited my past for this one.

Hannah said...

Thank you for the space...I'm making my way around to everyone from this weekend challenge now and then will be reading these links... :)'s

Jim said...
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Jim said...

I like this poem that you found, Marian. I didn't have too many wits with me when I wrote mine, I was in Woman's Shoe Department at the Dillard's in the Memorial City Mall (Houston) sitting in a fitting chair while Mrs. Jim was upstairs shopping.
Otherwise, it could have been a letter. As it is it is in message form but I don't know to whom it was written. Anyone who reads it, perhaps a letter to the editor?

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I'm linking to an eight-year-old poem, a nature poem. John Clare was a lovely nature poet, so there's some slight connection.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I fare very well! Spring has given me some beautiful bike rides on the Bay Trail. I am enjoying the side effects of good health and some wonderful animal sightings.

My share is about giving in to what's happening around us and finding peace in letting go. Something I wish I could do more often but I'm learning.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable week! I'll be around to read the rest of the week.

Hugs! Bekkie

Buddah Moskowitz said...

A day late and way off topic, happy spring, lovers!

Marian said...

Hi, Friends! I'm so sorry to be absent and have not been able to visit any of you yet this week. Bad open link host! Unexpected medical issues in my family, argh. I'll be around to read your wonderful offerings on the weekend. Be well! xo Marian