Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bits Of Inspiration ~ Shoes

Hello poets! It is chilly as I sit at my computer contemplating shoes. Yes, shoes. I think I inherited my mother's passion for them. We lived in a small house with tiny closets, but my mom managed to find all sorts of creative ways to make room for her shoes.

By Cornelius Eady

My friends, 
As it has been proven in the laboratory,   
An empty pair of dance shoes 
Will sit on the floor like a wart 
Until it is given a reason to move. 

There are many reasons why we choose our shoes, athletics, dress, work, vanity. I bet if you looked at your collection of shoes you could remember where and why you bought each pair. 

By Charles Simic 

Shoes, secret face of my inner life:   
Two gaping toothless mouths, 
Two partly decomposed animal skins   
Smelling of mice nests. 

My brother and sister who died at birth   
Continuing their existence in you, 
Guiding my life 
Toward their incomprehensible innocence. 

Today's challenge is to write about shoes. It could be a favorite pair, hated pair, your father's shoes, mother's shoes. Just go wherever your shoes take you. 
As always make your poem a new one, post it on Mr. Linky, and read the work of your fellow poets.


Kim M. Russell said...

I love this prompt, Susie! I'm not a huge fan of shoes myself - I used to walk around barefoot when I was a teenager and now I only love my Doc Marten boots and my slippers. But my daughter's shoes - I can write about them!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hey everyone,

Absolutely loved this prompt❤️ Sharing my poem "Espadrille." Thank you Susie for the lovely opportunity; this one's for you!!❤️

Lots of love,

Gillena Cox said...

A very nice prompt; i posted

Have a nice day

much love...

Susie Clevenger said...

Good morning everyone! My husband and I are out on the road with our music friend Mike Zito. Thank you so much for writing for my prompt. I will catch up with reading and writing for it myself when I get back home next week.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks, Susie. I am ridding us of spam links here.

Helen said...

Susie, for a 75-year old granny, mine is a bit racy!!!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your prompt has left me grinning, Susie. Thank you!

ekta khetan said...

Hi Kerry

You removed my link and I am not sure why. It was no spam. Just a different take on shoes that the picture prompted me to write.

If you do not like the prose, I have a poetry in the beginning.. Do let me know as I really love this forum and wonder what went wrong with my post :(

I can write a standalone poem for this prompt as well.

Kerry O'Connor said...

The Imaginary Garden is primarily a poetry site and any prose linked up is Flash Fiction. It is not a place to promote your fashion blog. Such links will be removed. You are more than welcome to post a stand alone poem, however.

Angie said...

For our daughter's first trip over seas, she is asking for new shoes...a couple pairs, really! My husband has made a running joke that she'll need a new pair for every new place she goes now!