Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bits Of Inspiration ~ Mixed Media Art

Happy Thursday everyone. I am intrigued by Mixed Media Art. Mixed media is a term used to describe artworks composed from a combination of different media or materials.

It is a fascinating process and there are so many different forms of it. 

mixed media art photo: Vintage Art Mixed Media Beautiful il_fullxfull161513190.jpg
Image: Photobucket

Actually as poets, writers, we really do the same thing only our art form is words. We pull from memories, surroundings, music, people, etc, and shape them into poetry.

Mixed Media

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The stars grow lemon
in the field, spread
like tea leaves in
a cup; red-wing
blackbirds fold themselves
into the fence,
corn dreamers.
(Read the entire poem here )

   For today's challenge I want you to write a poem from your immediate surroundings. For example where I am sitting there is a vase of   flowers,  silver thermos, a mailbox nameplate from my father's mailbox, a window, a rather sickly violet, books, a clock, a tape dispenser, the whir of an air conditioner. I could go on and on.  Your poem could be a combination of what you see, hear, taste, feel, just pull from the spot where you are writing. 
Thirst, I can drink from silver.
It is a thermos as close as my fingertips,
but neglect hasn't brought rain
to a parched violet five steps from my chair.

    As always write a new poem for the challenge, add it to Mr. Linky and then visit your fellow poets to read their poems.


Marian said...

Well, looky looky, I wrote! This is a cute prompt, Susie. Thank you!

Susie Clevenger said...

Thanks Marian!

Angie said...

i love mixed media art too Susie. I'm mixing my outside, inside, music i hear in today's piece.

Anonymous said...

Loved this prompt Susie. Wrote a poem but it's way past midnight here so sleep calls before reading. I'll catch up tomorrow.

Susie Clevenger said...

@angieinspired Sounds good to me!

@paulscribbles Thank you!

Jim said...

This is a fun prompt, Susie. I tried a mix of photos and text, words. Also mixed some senses around but not heavily.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Heyy❤️ I have reached K.L safely and I'm resting at home. Will be back in the evening to read and comment. Need to get some sleep ❤️

Anonymous said...

Morning all...back for some reading and I have added a photo to my poem ( too dark last night to shoot)

Maude Lynn said...

Mine came to me when I was running errands. Made me look, Susie!

Susie Clevenger said...

@Jim, I loved it.

@Sanna, so glad you reached your destination safely

@paulscribbles Love the photo you added. It is always nice to peek in on the places where poets write.

@Mama Zen I am so glad your errands brought such a great poem.

Carrie Van Horn said...

Don't know if I did mine right, but here is is all the same. I have such a hard time making it here cause of I am grateful to be here. Thank you Susie for a wonderful prompt!

Susie Clevenger said...

@Carrie Thanks so much for stopping by. You did great. Inspiration takes your voice where it will, and that is the beauty of it.

Anonymous said...

Nice prompt. Forced me to look around me, and take note of my surroundings. At the hairdresser's, no less.

brudberg said...

Such a busy end of week... I will try to think of something... will do some reading instead..

Jane Dougherty said...

A bit late to the party, but this is my first time here, and I have a good excuse. Thanks for the prompt, it has provided a release of steam.

Margaret said...

Late posting and I will be a tad bit late viewing and commenting but I will - just give me a few days...