Thursday, August 15, 2019

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - La Catrina & the Wall of Books

Welcome to Artistic Interpretations.  I recently visited Montclair, NJ and had lunch at Tacoria.  Brussel Sprout Tacos.  Golden Avocado Tacos.  Roasted Corn and Poblano Pepper Tacos.   Pulled Pork and Citrus Kissed Grilled Chicken are other options.   Hungry?

The food is a great deal for the price (think NYC and surrounding area $$$$) and the atmosphere very casual and unique.  I was intrigued by the wall of books painted with a portrait that seems ripe for poetic interpretation.   I snapped images of the book titles and they are posted below - I believe clicking on a photo will enlarge it for easier reading.  I will also randomly select titles and list them below, but not all of them (I will not be posting the authors)  You can peruse the titles as well.    There is one last image of this lady at the bottom of the post. You may use my images for your challenge. 

This prompt lends itself to the dark side, but it need not be dark.  You know me, I'll probably find a way to spin my poem towards the light :)

The painting is a version of La Catrina. HERE is a website that has other images (which we are NOT using for our prompt)  She is "deeply rooted in the Mexican psyche"... "originally Catrina was an elegant or well-dressed woman, so it refers to rich people... death brings this neutralizing force; everyone is equal in the end".  She symbolizes the Mexican willingness to laugh at death itself.   Another google search revealed:  According to urban legend, LaCatrina's roots come from Aztec death goddess Mictecacihuatl.  In the legend, the goddess served the same purpose as La Catrina does today: to honor and protect those who have passed and to symbolize the relationship Mexicans have with death.  These are just some of the things I found when I googled "La Catrina".   I hope you are inspired to delve further into her meaning and history.

The challenge is to use ten (yes, TEN) book titles in a new poem.   There are so many intriguing options I don't think this will be difficult.  The portrait in some way must be used as inspiration.  Maybe it is the legend itself, perhaps her makeup, perhaps her brown hair, or the red rose in her hair.  Maybe it is the subject of books that you take away from this image.   I give you permission to play fast and loose with the image. 

I hope this isn't too strange a challenge and one you enjoy.  Any poetic style is welcome and more than one poem is permissible.  Of course, sign up with Mr. Linky below, and do the neighborly thing and politely visit your fellow poets!  

Have fun, and I look forward to your Artistic Interpretation!

Dead in the Family
"J" is for Judgement
The Fire Dream
The Husband
See I told You So
Dream Makers, Dream Breakers
Crossing Boundaries
City of Bones
The Lottery
Judge & Jury
The Bear and the Dragon
Absolute Friends
The Sum of all Fears

Portrait of a Killer
Daddy's Little Girl
Wild Horses
After the Darkness
True Women
The Liar
Just as I am
The Lost Symbol
Tales of Enchantment
Eyewitness to Power
Brothers No More

The Naked Heart
Cold Case
Too Many Murders
Blind Alley
Wicked Business
Thumbs Up
The Day John Died
The Fifties
Love Smart
Survivor in Death
Along the Edge of America
Silent Honor

R is for Ricochet
Blow Fly
The Road Ahead
Hot Money
Brothers in Blood
The Dark Half
Dark Child
Near Perfect
High Profile
The Eyes of Darkness
As the Crow Flies

15 Seconds
Child 44
Day of the Cheetah
The Harlequin
Going Rogue
No Greater Love
New Choices in Natural Healing
We are Water
The Innocent Man
Husbands and Wives
Fair Game
Next Man Up

Family First
Growing Up
The Confession
Angels Flight
Mama Rock's Rules
Play Dead
Lady Boss
The Collectors
Ghost Wars
Make it Last
My Life
Cloud Chamber
Rough Country

Dead to Rights
The Baker's Wife
Zoo Break
Seize the Night
The Palace Guard
Heads or Tails
Amazing Grace
Lone Eagle
Case of Lies
Code to Zero
The Presence
The Purpose Driven
Save the Date
The Good Times

A Darkness More Than Night
2nd Chance
The Hot Zone
Easy Money
Bee Season
Mirror Image
Pursuit of Honor
Her Own Rules
Blood Sport
Achievement Matters
Atlantis Found
Rainbow Six
Long After Midnight
Angels Fall

Love and Survival
Almost a Revolution
Gap Creek
What Do You Care What Other People Think?
Don't Blink
Operation Homecoming
Waltzing in Your Own Shoes
A Tribe Apart
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Half Moon Street
Hour Game

Cold Mountain
Clear and Present Danger
Dare to Discipline
That Used to Be Us
The Secrets Men Keep
The Long Road Home
Step on a Crack
The Greatest Generation
Beating the Street
3rd Degree
True Evil
Original Sin
Lady in Red

Going Home to Glory
The Tenderness of Wolves
The Lighthouse
Tabloid City
Labrador Retriever
Winter Solstice
Make it Last
The Quickie
Flight of the Intruder
Home Remedies for Women
The Eagle Has Flown

The King of Torts
Tuxedo Park
Financial Self-Defense
A Reporter's Life
Hour Game
No Place to Hide
The Other Side and Back
No Place Like Home
Cross Country
Black Wind
Fighting Back
The Day Before Midnight


Off Camera
Heads or Tails - The Politics of Money
Double Cross
Edge of Danger
A Good Life
How to Make it Big as a Consultant
The World is Play
The Narrows
Handle with Care
The Loyal Physician
Woman in Red
The Fire Dream
The Corrections
The Commanders

The Brethren
Mortal Prey
Skin Trade
The Divide
The Testament
Lake Wobegon Days
The Last Templar
The Runaway Jury
Home Remedies
My Story
The Malice Box
Double Cross
The Other Side of the Story
Blind Faith

The Long Road Home
Truth and Salsa
The Magic Circle
A Most Wanted Man
The Secret Pilgrim
Self Matters
Tough as They Come
The Purpose Driven Life
The Kiss
Total Control
The Kitchen God's Wife
The Broker
Remember Me


Margaret said...

I hope this isn't too strange a challenge - I was so intrigued by this image, the book titles and once I looked up La Catrina... well, I was hooked. I hope you are as well. Give it your best shot.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is a very cool challenge, Margaret! I will give it a whirl in the morning. Thanks for all the time you put into this. I got hooked, reading the titles.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

A most intriguing prompt, Margaret!❤️ The painting and book titles were so inspiring that the poem came quickly into my mind 😊 thank you for hosting! ☕️

Kerry O'Connor said...

What an amazing challenge, Margaret. Thank you for sharing!

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have not said whether we can use your images on our posts, with attribution to you as photographer, so I was uncertain about going ahead to do so.

Margaret said...

Yes. You may use the images.

Lori said...

I have wanted to try writing a poem with only book titles for awhile. I think this is a great opportunity to give it a go. I will try and fit the theme as well.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

10 from among these titles or any book title in general?

brudberg said...

This is a very cool challenge... would love to try, I will see when I can write... tomorrow evening will be busy, and now it's night-time.

Margaret said...

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash - from these book titles - I printed out some of them... you can enlarge the images by clicking on them and obtain more. But the titles must be from this selection here on this prompt. Thanks for asking.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What i am finding intriguing is how , even using book titles, (and what a glorious selection of book titles!), our individual styles and voices come through. How cool.

Margaret said...

I agree!

Susie Clevenger said...

This was an amazingly, creative, tough challenge. Thanks so much Margaret!

Debi Swim said...

Margaret, the first poem I posted is not the correct one but I can't delete it. Sorry.

Thanks for the challenging prompt.

Powdered Toast Man said...

poetry is not my strong suit and especially at this hour of the night. Very cool painting. People are very creative.