Friday, October 4, 2019

Art FLASH! / 55 in October

For this weekend's art collaboration, I am introducing an illustrator in ink and purveyor of magic, McMonster, a perfect choice to set the tone for October.

McMonster has developed a unique style of painting with ink and has created a surreal world. As he describes it: Story telling with no narrative.
Take a look at this 1 minute clip, which encapsulates his process.

McMonster has kindly given permission for us to use the following piece for our poetic collaboration:

Commissioned Piece (Untitled)
Used with Permission

If you repost the image on your blog, please give attribution to McMonster, using the following link:

Feel free to pay him a visit on Instagram, where more of his artworks are to be viewed, but not used for this prompt, or follow this link to his AllMyLinks Page.

If you post your poem on Instagram, using McMonser's image, please tag @mc__monster (double underscore) and mention him as the collaborating artist in your post.

Let the image speak to you and respond in a poetic form of your choosing:
Literal! Figurative! Reflective! Narrative! Symbolic!

As an alternative, you may write a Flash Fiction 55 inspired by the art, or on a subject of your choice, in memory of Galen, who first imagined this challenge. Prose is acceptable but must be within the limit of 55 words!

I wish to remind all participants that this linky does not expire and the post remains open and at the top of the page until Monday. If you link early, please return to read other poems linked up after your own.


Kim M. Russell said...

Good morning Kerry and Toads! Thank you for introducing us to another fabulous artist. I love inky art and this image sparked my imagination.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Happy Friday to all! I am very excited to share this amazing art and looking forward to your responses!

Marian said...

Kerry, just wow! I'm going to work on responding to this amazing piece from McMonster on the weekend. WOW.

Outlawyer said...

Hey Kerry—I woke up wanting to write a poem and was so happy to see the cool pic, which I used. I also did my own pic as that is my way. Anyway, looking forward to reading people, and a brief trip back! Hope you and all are well. K.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh wow, I see by Kim's poem, it is an owl in the picture. I saw a catbird.....oh well, we'll leave the catbird in the poem. Smiles.

Helen said...

Just want to say how deeply Karin’s poem resonated.

tonispencer said...

I agree with Helen about Karin's poem. I can't find where to comment on it.

Mimi Lenox said...

Hello All!
Many of you participated in BlogBlast For Peace in years past. Your contributions were beautiful. There is so much talent here.
I would like to leave an announcement...Hope to see you soon!

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Peace to you and yours,
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Kerry O'Connor said...

I am very excited to read so many responses to McMonster's amazing art. Thank you to all who have participated.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

Hello Kerry and All! Kerry, Thank you for the introduction to McMonster's amazing art. Joining in this lovely Saturday Morning.

brudberg said...

Hello Kerry and all... joining late, before bedtime and I hope I will be able to sleep and come back to read tomorrow.

Helen said...

Marian, I hope you return to read this comment stream .... your poem is amazing.