Monday, November 11, 2019

Different Perspectives!

Constellations, 1940 by Joan Miro


From behind my eyes
hermetic song breaks open
song of the seedling that
did not ever flower.

Each one dreams about an
unreal, quirky end.
(The wheat dreams it's got
enormous yellow flowers.)

All of them dreaming strange
adventures in the shade.

Fruits hanging out of reach
& domesticated winds.

None of them know each other,
blind & gone astray,
their perfumes paining them
but cloistered now forever.

Each seed thinks up
a genealogical tree—
covers the whole sky
with its stalks & roots.

The air's smeared over with
improbable vegetations.
Black & heavy branches.
Cinder-colored roses.

The moon nearly smothered
with flowers & with branches
flights them off with moonbeams
like an octopus in silver.

From behind my eyes
hermetic song breaks open—
song of the seedlings that
did not ever flower.

© Federico García Lorca (tr. Jerome Rothernberg)

Dear, poets! I hope you all are doing well. As this is my last ever post/prompt for With Real Toads, I would like to thank all of you for your support and for participating in the open link platforms and the prompts that I have hosted here during my brief stint. It's been a delightful experience to write and share with each one of you and I look forward to a continuing connection in the blogosphere.

The best thing about an online poetry space like With Real Toads is its acknowledgment and promotion of the many different perspectives to a prompt as well as believes and individual ideas of different poets. At times, we come up with different or contrasting views and interpretations. Now that we are living in a world marred with divisiveness and hatred, I think it is more important than ever to be open to healthy discussions about them.

In that purview, I would like you all to write a poem about perspectives — your perspective, your definition or understanding of the word, your views on an issue that requires probing and prodding today, et al. You can also play around with the form, metaphors, and imagery of the poem, by offering a fresh perspective. You can interpret it in any way you want.

Once you have written and published your poem, add the link in the widget down below. Do not forget to visit others and share your words/comments with them. I look forward to reading you all throughout this week. Happy Writing!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Thank you, Anmol. I have always enjoyed your prompts, and your own unique perspective on the creative process. I have learnt a lot from your writing.

tonispencer said...

This was a prompt at dVerse Poets Pub last week! Amazing. And this is yet another perspective on perspective.

Fireblossom said...

Good prompt!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is a very interesting prompt, Anmol. Thanks for your prompts, which always make me think.

brudberg said...

I will come back this later... now I need to go to bed to cure my cold.

rallentanda said...

Thank you Anmol. See you on the poetry trail.