Friday, November 22, 2019

Get Listed! with a Mystery Guest

Greetings to All Toads, Poets and Friends.

We are in the final season of this wonderful Imaginary Garden, as 2019 draws to its conclusion and, with this in mind, I asked a very special friend of the Toads to share one of her fabulous and famous Word Lists for the last Get Listed writing challenge.

Artist Unknown
Fair Use

This mystery guest wishes to retain her anonymity, but she has been a long-time blogger, who has her own special, magical way of appearing in many whimsical disguises, like Alice recreating her own unique Wonderland. I am most thankful for her support and artistic approach to poetry over the many years of my blogging experience and thrilled to share her eclectic selection of words with everyone today.

To participate in this challenge please select THREE or MORE words from the list and write an new poem inspired by the images they suggest.















Fireblossom said...

Mystery, my butt, lol. I am delighted to have this person's list to work with! (singsong) I know who you arrrre...


I love you guys and gals. I know you’ll make me go bonkers with your creativity.

Can’t wait to read your pieces. <3

Kerry O'Connor said...

Wishing everyone a happy Friday, and weekend ahead. I am looking forward to the creativity that arises from this list myself... I have spotted a few most perfect words to put to use.

tonispencer said...

Wonderful list! I want to use them allllllll. lalalalalala I don't think I will make it but I love this list.

Revived Writer said...

This sounds like fun!

Jim said...

These words are fine, like a jigsaw puzzle with multiple conclusions from the box of pieces. I was hoping for three to fit but a little length seven worked for me. R W, it was fun though I'm not real happy with mine and I may pull it off later.
Thank you Kerry, my teacher. I'm anxious to see what is on your mind for using your picks.


No way, dude! I am crazy over yours! One of my favorites of the week! Keep it up, Jim!


“Onyx Hail”

Decorated with bloody
nicked purple pinky,

puddle-at-the-feet jeans,

burnt-cinnamon beanie,
and creamy flannel

(candy fabrics: Twix sticks
and Cadbury eggs),

she groans
over the high

(buck-nineteen a piece)
price of lemons

and “I-don’t-need-
risperidone (one sole),

or anesthesia”


Kerry O'Connor said...

Thank you for gifting us with your words and poetry, S. It is always a pure pleasure to read your poetry. I can see this character so clearly in my mind's eye.. the jeans and beanie description is so you!


lol ... that was totes my outfit that day; maybe you saw the picture!

Thank you. Love you, always. <3

brudberg said...

Hello... and love the set of words, had to do something on 55 words this time.

Sorry for being late, the week has been busy...

RedCat said...

Really fun prompt, much harder than just one word prompts. Good practice. Me and my muse where at odds with this one. In the end she got her way as usual, I just we managed to tie it together.

Susie Clevenger said...

Not sure I did the delightful list justice, but I loved it enough to trip among the words.

Margaret said...

Back from visiting my Mother-in-law. We had a great visit and about a whole week off - I missed the garden.

Jim said...

O dear, electr-shock I hope never!! This is sooo fine, I was sold for sure with those goody loves of mine, Twix sticks
and Cadbury eggs. I buy grocery bags of each day after at half or less price.
And Thank you much for your encouragement on my write.