Monday, December 16, 2019

Western Stars

That feeling when you reach the time for your last music prompt--big sigh.

I am certain no one here needs an introduction to Bruce Springsteen. 
I am pleased, however, to refer all of you to Western Stars, 
his newest album and amazing concert film, a gorgeous and lush 
piece of music from start to finish.

I woke up this morning
Just glad my boots are on
 It’s all fantastic, but this song completely knocks my socks off (audio only): STONES
This is the movie version, Bruce singing in duet with his wife Patti Scialfa.
I wish I had written it. Amazing, beautiful, poetic, inspiring.
I woke up this morning with stones in my mouth
You said those are only the lies that you’ve told me
Only the lies you've told me
During this busy time of year, I really encourage you all to take a break 
and listen to this whole record. Trust me. 


I couldn’t post my last music prompt without honoring the late Ric Ocasek, 
who passed away in September. Anyone who knows me in real life 
knows that my favorite band is and always has been The Cars, 
and Ric Ocasek my favorite poet. 

This is a very happy me in 2012 with his book, Lyrics and Prose.

I adore Ric Ocasek’s songwriting and poetry style which has definitely inspired my own.
Here is one of my poems directly inspired by Ocasek, probably my favorite:

“I read a lot of poetry, and that gives me a wide range of permission 
to say anything in a song — they’re more twisted than I’ll ever be.” 
-- Ric Ocasek

Okay, friends, thanks for indulging me. The point of all of this is to inspire poetry! 
So please go forth and write poems inspired by Bruce Springsteen, string sections, 
being glad your boots are on, aging cowboys, stones and lies, New Jersey, 
The Cars, 80s new-wave, lyrics and poetry, trying to hide your disgrace, Boston 
or anything else that comes up as the result of this lengthy and love-filled prompt.

It’s been real.



Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love "it's been real." That it has, as real as it gets.i am falling into bed after rockin' out at our town's xmas concert. Up early tomorrow to go to our sister village. But when i get back i will write something for you, kiddo.

Jim said...

This ought to inspire bunches from the eighties. My "Oldies" stop at '79s and start in the '48s. The latter was when I started driving to school and listening to the pickup's radio.
If I write I'll find one of those, maybe before Rock, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White? C8assic Rock is my Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha, turns out something popped up after all. Lol.

Jim said...

Got all mixed up hurrying for the laundry. Should say Classic Rock is my favorite followed by Golden Oldies.
It will be a fun write if my busy Sabbatical will allow me some time, maybe for some comment response as well.
Thank you

Kerry O'Connor said...

Dear Marian, I remember when I first asked you to host a prompt and suggested you do something with a musical note. Little did we know then that Music with Marian would be one of the longest running prompts, with 63 posts over the years! Thank you so much for reminding us that all good songs are poetry and all poets are singers. I loved each well-chosen song you asked us to consider from a lyrical point of view.

I will miss this prompt, and your presence here, more than I can say.

Kim M. Russell said...

The closer we get to the end of December, the harder it gets to write without feeling sad. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write some eighties rock lyrics with a hopeful ending, Marian!

Marian said...

I remember too, Kerry. Honestly music inspires all of my writing, and I've really enjoyed sharing and listening and writing with friends here.
It's going to be a busy week for me but I'll be around to check out all entries. Have a great week, friends!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I wanted to make you something special, friend.. got out my scissors and glue!
I hope you like the result.. You are the True Star in the West!

Marian said...

Kerry! I'm already all ferklempt at 7 am Monday morning. I think that will make for an excellent week. Love, love.

Fireblossom said...

Marian, the constant poet. When I am not writing poetry, I am not real good with saying the right thing, but know you and your work here are deeply appreciated. Rock on, girl. You are a true spirit and a good heart. That's what I like about you. ;-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Many thanks, Marian, for being the wonderful You that you are.

Susie Clevenger said...

Marian, love the prompt, your poetry. I meet this days with some tears. Thanks for being an inspiration, a mentor who helped me open my vault of poetry.

Marian said...

*group hug*

Jim said...


brudberg said...

I always enjoy your music prompts.. I have from time to time listened a lot to Bruce Springsteen (it's still on my list to go to one of his concerts) ... but I have to admit the one record that I always return to is "The River"...

Helen said...

Please forgive my kind of goofy post. Marian, I am a huge fan of The Boss and could not resist singing my poem. Santa Baby made a great soundtrack.

Margaret said...

Hugs and a HUGE thank you, Marion. I have always enjoyed your prompts and will try and remember to use music as inspiration in the future. I like Bruce Springsteen more as he ages... the interview I linked was lovely I thought.

Marian said...

Such nice comments here and everywhere! Love you all so much.
Helen, I adored hearing your voice!! So charming, I hope The Boss hears your request.

Revived Writer said...

I'm looking forward to being inspired by this prompt.

tonispencer said...

The strings on this piece are incredible. I am busy with my husband gravely ill at the hospital. I may or may not have the spirit to write but this is an incredible piece of music. Thank you

Marian said...

Toni, I'm sending love and best wishes for your husband's health.
The entire Western Stars record is awash in strings. It is amazing. On some of the songs, Bruce sings as though he is channeling Roy Orbison, really incredible. This album actually, literally brings me to tears with its beauty.

tonispencer said...

Thank you Marian. I am already teaching myself Western Stars on my violin. It is lovely. Thank you. And thankyou for your music prompts.