Membership of Real Toads
I often receive queries as to what membership of Real Toads entails.

First and foremost, being a member of this site, as opposed to being a follower, means that a blog poet has committed themselves to actively participating in and contributing to this site. This can take the form of responding to the prompts and challenges, reviewing and commenting on the writing of other members, supporting new writers, and joining in discussions.  

Several members have indicated that they would like to contribute a regular post to Real Toads.  If at any time that member feels their idea has run its course, they may opt out, and the opportunity will be given to another member who has a new idea to share. 

Having said this, we acknowledge that every member is a poet by choice and not profession, thus time is often limited by other factors. No member should feel compelled to do everything - all we ask is consistent contribution.  If it has been noted that a member's participation in this site has become dormant over the course of a three month period without notification being given, his or her membership will be offered to someone else, since we have limited membership to a maximum of 20 people.  

If a poet is interested in becoming a member at this time, it should be noted that there are few spaces available. Therefore, it would be advisable to become a Follower of the Blog and get actively involved, because preference will be given to people who support the endeavours of Real Toads.

The purpose of this site is to encourage writers and stimulate interest in poetry and poets.  We gladly welcome visitors and followers to participate in any prompts and all that is on offer here on a daily basis.  We are here to write and share.  

The Goal of RT Membership:

1.  To always remain active. (Post, Respond, Comment weekly)
2.  To have fun and get to know one another.
3.  To offer positive and helpful feedback.
4.  To always be open to suggestions and change for the betterment of the group.


A variety of prompts and challenges are posted on a eleven-week rotation system and a Mini-Challenge is provided on the weekend.  These challenges will vary in complexity and you can choose to respond to them any way you wish, with a poem or simply by way of comment or discussion, so long as it is within the parameters of the  challenge.  They are meant to educate us in the world of writing, art and poetry.  These will come from within the member group. We encourage all members to support the work of the poets who participate.


At times, we offer the opportunity for two members to combine their talents in the writing of a collaborative poem. Participation in this feature is voluntary. 

Personal Challenge of Members:

This is a feature which is held periodically in which one member may challenge another member to write a poem with a particular theme, prompt, picture, form etc. 


  • Contact the member of your choice via e-mail and propose a challenge.
  • Allow the member to decline or discuss your proposal until you have reached a consensus.
  • Offer your support behind the scenes, if so requested.
  • The "Round Robin" principle will be used.

My thanks go out to all the wonderful people who have brought the idea of Real Toads to life.