Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get Listed! with Kenia Cris

I’m delighted to have been invited to contribute with this month’s Get Listed Prompt, thank you very much Kerry.

Kenia Cris

I’m a book addict, I have read quite a lot and it was really difficult to choose from the selection of amazing texts I have in mind one that could provide inspiring words for you today. I then decided to go with science fiction. It’s my favorite literary genre, together with fantasy so my list comes from a favorite book of mine Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? written by Phillip K. Dick, published in 1968 and made into a movie in 1982. The novel is set in a post-apocaliptic near future, where life on Earth has been altered by nuclear war and most of its residents have been relocated to a new colony on Mars.

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If you find it crazy to imagine, you should remember a huge number of people have volunteered to inhabit the first private colony in the red planet [Source] , and you might agree these photos of the sunrise in Mars look really great.

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Back to our novel, radioactive dust killed many forms of life and in the remaining society, life has become really important and valuable. The book is mostly about empathy, about how how connecting with others’ feelings can bring people together. I guess you should know it’s an electric toad that teaches Rick Deckard, the main character, a bounty hunter, the true sense of empathy, when he makes up his mind to love the fake toad as if it were real. Well, I offer you a list of words chosen randomly by flicking through the book. I really hope you enjoy the it!





















Imagined by Kenia Cris


Fireblossom said...

Very cool book for inspiration, Kenia! Question, though: how many words are we to use? All, or three, or...?

Kerry O'Connor said...

Kenia has left the number of words up to our own discretion, FB.

Fireblossom said...

Okay, thanks Kerry. How exciting to see Kenia hosting! I have tried to maintain the sci-fi theme with mine.

Susie Clevenger said...

First of all so happy to see you hosting a challenge Kenia. Thanks for this interesting group of words..

hedgewitch said...

An excellent choice, both of material and individual words, Kenia! Thanks so much for the work that went into this. I have also tried to stay near to the dystopian theme.

Ella said...

Thank you Kenia! I enjoyed this list and am checking out your fav book-thanks again~

humbird said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Kenis! Interesting theme about connection...

humbird said...

sorry, Kenia...those fingers

Kenia Santos said...

I'm very happy to see you people here, I'm visiting your poems right away because I'm curious to see the pieces you've come up with! I haven't even written my own poem yet!!! :S

Thank you all for participating, for being always so kind to me, and thanks again Kerry, for the invitation.


Marian said...

this is a really interesting list, Kenia. i hope to respond, though it's already Thursday, so i'm guessing my response will be late. :)

Kenia Santos said...

Bring it on Marian! I'll be reading it anyway! <3

Marlon O. said...

Kenia is the best poet I know.

She teachs me so much about poetry.
About being a poet, having a voice, being myself.

Thanks for the prompt.
It is truly a honor to put these words in my poem.


Marlon O.

Margaret said...

Wow. I thought I had NOTHING. Made myself sit down and just do it. I'm pleasantly surprised. :)

Gail said...

Following directions I added my sketch to enforce the words.

With all this practice maybe one of these days, I will be good.

Thank you for that opportunity.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Kenia. cool prompt. ~

Marian said...

i wrote, super-late, like close to a week late! maybe i'll link this on monday, & will try to read the other no doubt wonderful responses. thanks, Kenia. xo