One must make a distinction however: when dragged into prominence by half poets, the result is not poetry, nor till the autocrats among us can be “literalists of the imagination”—above insolence and triviality and can present for inspection, imaginary gardens with real toads in them, shall we have it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Tuesday Platform


Greetings to all, on this fine Tuesday. Spring has come early this year, and I could not resist sharing this local (South African) news story with you today.

Cape Town - Motorists are warned to look out for more than just pedestrians on city roads as endangered western leopard toads make their way to breeding ponds from their foraging areas. The City of Cape Town said in a statement the amphibians’ annual breeding migration period is between July and September. It warned motorists in the southern suburbs to reduce their speed, particularly on rainy nights, to avoid injuring the species. 
Read the rest of the report HERE.

There is even a non-profit organisation called 'TOAD NUTS'
which monitors their saftey!  (Source)
I am always heartened to see conservation so seriously. But back to the order of the day, which is our weekly open link. Please share a poem of your choice, and hop around to visit the other lily pads. Reduced speed is preferred. Have a wonderful day.


Marian said...

Love this news bulletin! Here we have people who go out and build bridges across roads for salamanders to cross safely. :)
My little poem this week was inspired by a call-in science podcast from SA, Kerry. Be well and remember to breathe!

Outlawyer said...

Hey Kerry--lovely. We have lots of little leopard frogs in the country, but they are frogs and are considerably smaller (and I guess wetter) than those.) I don't think they are endangered, though I think the worldwide frog population is under stress--and certainly, we try to watch where we walk!

I have written a poem for your WCW challenge, but I'm not completely happy with it and am under the gun at work, so don't know that I'll get it up. Maybe even more belatedly! Thanks, Kerry. k.

rallentanda said...

My poetry is rarely autobiographical but this one is.Don't work too hard Kerry !

Gail said...

That toad is magnificent! Ours are varying colors of brown for natural protection. Many of our frogs are colorful here.

Blogoratti said...

That's a fine looking toad. Greetings and have a good week!

Marian said...

Hey and 40 years ago today, Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run album was released. Speaking of pure fantastic poetry. 40! What?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this warning about the toads. It is always wonderful when the mainstream news indicates awareness of the natural world. Yay! Thanks, Kerry. This made my day.

Timoteo said...


brudberg said...

On a road right close to where I live they put up signs for toads in spring.. sometimes we go out in the evening and carry them across the road to where the pond is.

SaraV said...

That is hilarious, and wonderful. I had a nature themed poem brewing so you gave me the perfect opportunity to share. Thank you!

Helma said...

You have unfortunately no translator standing on your blog but I copied chunks of text. This pad is huge !!! Beautiful pictures too.
Also for you a very happy day.

Jim said...

Love the Toads, leopard ones and writers of poems.
For "speed" it will be one from my search (a few aren't poemd):

We are still in moving throws so I'm not sure of comment returning. Last couple of nights I slept here to accomadate workers and mrs Jim was in our new-to-us home doing unpacking duties Plus grandmother things.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What a wonderful toad!

Kate said...

One must be careful; there could be a Prince among them!