One must make a distinction however: when dragged into prominence by half poets, the result is not poetry, nor till the autocrats among us can be “literalists of the imagination”—above insolence and triviality and can present for inspection, imaginary gardens with real toads in them, shall we have it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to the Tuesday Platform, the weekly open stage for sharing poems in the Imaginary Garden. Please link up a poem, old or new, and spend some time this week visiting the offerings of our fellow writers. We look forward to reading your work!

I found this website and thought some (all?) of you might enjoy it: NOTEBOOK STORIES 

Do you use a notebook? Do you write poems in pen and ink, or on a computer or other device, or some combination? Are you particular about pens? I carry a notebook around with me all the time, and am just about due for a new one, which maybe is why I was looking at photos of notebooks on the internet.

Scribble away!


Susie Clevenger said...

Happy Tuesday. I hope it will be a good week for everyone!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Monday-itis has passed for another week. And that is good.

brudberg said...

Adding a bit of short writing I did yesterday... on notebooks I have to admit I rarely use one... if I need to jot down something I would use my mobile phone and make sure it ends up in Google docs... that way my editing goes easier later.

BTW I prefer Google Docs to Word as there is very little auto-correct per default, and I have access to all the documents on my mobile and my PC...

But Notebooks look so much better, so every now I buy a new one, that I never use..

Marian said...

Ah Bjorn, I use Googledocs too, but haven't been able to pick up taking notes or jotting anything down on my phone. It's still ridiculous scribbling of random thoughts and ideas for me. Plus the notebooks are so appealing!
My current notebook is even one of these, oops:

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Susie,I love this subject because it's about writing!

I use Google Keep a notebook application or my Chromebook to write. I have a copy of Keep on all of my devices so I can jot down ideas at any time even biking. If I'm home I usually get out the Acer Chromebook and write on WordPress's wonderful word processor. I really like it. A lot of times I'll research my subject if it's something I know nothing about.

I used to use pen and ink in journals but when computers came around that went out with the times.

I used to journal about my feelings with pen and have notebooks full of them. Some are very old now when I get them out and read them it's so unreal!!

Have a good one Toads! Hugs! Bekkie

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Posted an oldie, which is also what I am. Hope you like it.

Jim said...

I have amongst others a private 'writing blog''. Inactive for now, I scribble on envelope backs. Not much permanent about that unless it's a bill. Thank you, Marian, for your thoughts and insight.

Stacie Eirich said...

I'm a day late in answering this, but must because the ways in which we write - the physical, mental, & emotional processes we go through - intrigues me. I type at my computer in final draft forms, but often begin in handwritten journals, on various papers torn from my children's lined notebooks or slips of paper bound later for the recycling bin. I recently made a trip to TJ Maxx and found an entire section full of journals -- what a treasure trove. I'm off now to pick one up, put pen to paper, and - hopefully - start a new poem. :-)

angieinspired said...

Tuesday's leave me speechless, so I gave myself direction (my own prompt) and made a found poem...used the junk mail letter right in front of me.