Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poetic Exercise

 I love all the unique post and the exercises! Lately, I  wasn't feeling inspired, till I went for a  walk. It provided a different view. I then decided to try Grace's exercise, the Triolet. Thank you, I really enjoyed it~

I do yoga on occasion and thought it might be fun to try an exercise involving the third eyeChakras are basically spinning wheels of energy, located at different points in the body. There are seven energy fields. The third eye is called the Brow chakra, it is located between your eyebrows. It is the area of intuition, imagination and your spirit.

This is for fun; I thought I would share with you a visualization. It will quiet your mind and you will discover what to write about.  I want you to write your poem based on your answer. You don't have to share the details, but can if you like.  It is like taking a time out, it just quiets your mind for a moment.