Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday with Peggy

Hi Toads,

Peggy in Southern California here. Today I present two photos as prompts.  Write to either one or both. I will not say much about the photos so that you can let your minds go where ever you want to go.

Photo by Peggy Goetz

Photo by Peggy Goetz

Once you have written and posted your new poem on your blog, link it below with Mr. Linky. I look forward to reading what you all come up with.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Those shoes are a familiar sight, Peggy.

Thanks for sharing your photos with us again.

Peggy said...

Yes those shoes are from South Africa, Kerry. And so are the feet.

Sam E wrote a moving somber poem with the shoe photo--and I am still working on mine! I think I am stifled knowing where the photos were taken.

I like looking at the bio information people post on their blogs. Sam, you have led a wild life or else you are just an excellent storyteller. I am going to have to check out the Toads profile stories and see what that says.

Marian said...

gosh, i am really having a hard time focusing today, Peggy. but i love those shoes and will respond, i promise!

Susan said...

I thought of my own shoes instead of guessing about the photo, Peggy. Shoes have lots of meaning in my life. Thanks for the prompt.

Ella said...

Nice photos Peggy! I am thinking~
The water is enchanting me.

Helen said...

I've known many a man 'connected' to his car ... way too connected!!