Thursday, January 16, 2014

Persons of Interest

My darling Toads, it seems another Friday challenge is upon me and to tell the truth it has me thinking of my annual trip to Isla Holbox, Mexico which is coming up in February. It will be my sixth time to this little island paradise, a fishing village of 2500 people on the Yucatan peninsula about three hours from the hustle and bustle of Cancun.  This isn't your normal tourist destination, at least not yet.  There are no cars, no all inclusive resorts, no locals hocking trinkets on the beach. It is a destination that requires relaxation.  There is no TV in the room of the hotel that we stay at, but that has never been a problem. What there is, is an abundance of people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world.  It's palapa bars, great food in charming, quaint restaurants. It's soccer in the sand, flyfishing on a stretch of beach that runs for miles with not another living soul in site.  Holbox is one of the few places that I have been where time doesn't seem to matter in the least, its tequila and a cold beer, micheladas and fresh Cobia. Ok, ok I know, you get it.  The bigger point I want to make is the best part of the whole thing is the people that I have met on these trips, good, bad, beautiful, interesting and as wonderful as the day is long.  That is what I am basing this challenge on. If you awesome amphibians are up for it, I want you to think of someone you have met on a special trip to your special place and write about them.  Once again, it can be a poem, a story, a soup can label, an advertisement, I don't care about the format.  I find that giving some unsupervised space helps the creativity flow.  Below is a  picture of the beach in front of our room and a poem about the wife of one of my favorite Argentinian island boys that arrived on the island to work the very day we checked in for the first time,  his name is Christian. The title is his wife's name and he calls my wife and I mom and dad......heavy sigh!  So go forth and propagate my loves and don't stop until it feels right! As always thank you to all who participate...XXOO!


He brought you this fish mi amor, to hang your life on
Under his hand, life struggles to be a perfect circle
Under yours, the circle changes into shimmering possibilities
The softness of your skin, matching the bright red spot on his heart

Mi casa es su casa, mi amor

For you the sea called and you answered with unblinking brown eyes
It asked you for a favor, one that only you could fulfill
It handed you the silver chain, the one attached to his soul
A prize stolen by the sea in days of doubt and contemplation

Mi corazon es su corazon, mi amor

"Put this under your pillow child and hold him with your eyes"
You did and for one week the tide whispered your name as you slept
And the chain dissappeared from this world silently
Slipping around your waist, your soul, securing this Mexican destiny

Mi vida es su vida, mi amor


Fireblossom said...

Corey! Good morning, and thanks for this challenge!

Lolamouse said...

That is one beautiful and magical poem, mi amigo!

Kenia Santos said...

Good morning, that's a must write. I find it difficult that we do not connect with people on trips somewhere.

Thanks for the prompt!

Margaret said...

I go away to get away - rarely connect with people. I guess it's because I'm too busy taking care of my brood… I'll scratch my brain, but so far I am coming up blank. I look forward to reading everyone's links.

revelations said...

love this challenge... and I am green with envy Isla Holbox sounds like one of those great little jewels you should keep a secret... :)

Herotomost said...

I can see your point Margaret, unfortunately it doesn't matter where I go or in what capacity, give me a week and I know everybody, I am a little social butterfly. Robert, most of me wants to keep it secret, but then I think about the lives of the people there and the fact that some of the old ways are not working out as well anymore and they truly do need a little influx. Because its not your party destination like Cancun or Playa Del Carmen (although we make our own parties) a lot of people don't think it has enough amenities to hold their interest but I have never spoken to anyone who has vacationed there that hasn't thought it wondrous. Kenia...we have the same frame of mind on that one. Wherever I go its the relationships I form with complete strangers that I remember the best. Thanks Lola!!!!! I am glad you liked it and you are welcome to read all of your people rock!

Kerry O'Connor said...

One of my favourite poems of yours Corey. This is a great challenge.

hedgewitch said...

First, Corey--that poem is just wonderful. I only wish I thought like that! Or could write it down,if I did. It's been a long long time since these old bones have traveled much of anywhere besides the grocery store, but I'll see if I can delve something out of the distant past.

Marian said...

beautiful, beautiful poem, Corey.

Fireblossom said...

Corey, your comment on mine was one of the nicest I've ever received. Thank you.

Margaret said...

Ok - I twisted the instructions a bit, Corey. Hope you don't mind. I'll be back to comment - off to volunteer in the kindergarten classroom! :P

Jim said...

I'm liking your poem, Ilsa ~~ I am glad you explained the setting and the characters. Doing this before hand, and then me seeing it, helped make the poem universal to fit the reader's personal situation. I read it both ways, it is wonderful whichever.

Anonymous said...

sounds like Heaven, Corey. your pen is gentle and warm, I suppose like the lapping sea.

let's see if I can rustle someone/thing up. Of course I had just finished Brendan's challenge. yeesh. ~

Susan said...

Sooooo, I wrote something and posted it. I've been loving these poems.

Margaret said...

I'll be back in the morning to visit and comment!

Hannah said...

Your poem Corey...sigh-worthy...that is true love poetry wrapped in the beauty and mystique of a foreign place and way. Lovely write.

Great challenge, too...I've not written yet but I wanted you to know I'd stopped in. :)

Happy weekend to everyone!

Kay L. Davies said...

It's beautiful, Corey, and my mind wanted to rush to Mexico, but it wouldn't/couldn't go.
Nevertheless, when I put Brendan's list of words alongside your challenge, something happened.
Luv, K

Susie Clevenger said...

Corey, what a beautiful poem. Thanks so much for the challenge. It took me to Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Hi Corey-- that is a lovely poem and a wonderful challenge==your vacation spot also sounds lovely. Thanks. k.

Unknown said...

Hey I came in late and ended up ranting a little but I sure had fun with this one!


Anonymous said...

posting late, so also posting to OLM. thanks again, Corey ~