Friday, March 28, 2014

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Flowers

Welcome to "Artistic Interpretations" with Margaret.   For March's challenge, I ask you to contemplate the hidden and obvious nature of flowers.  Delve into the mystery, mythology, astrology, symbols, and distinct personality of your favorite flower.   Think about why it holds meaning for you.  What would it be like to traverse inside of its petals, what does it say to you in those quiet, contemplative moments…

The Secret Language of Flowers

What's Your Sign - Zodiac Flower signs & Flower Astrology Meanings

And below is a You Tube video I found of "A Bloom a Day" - A Fortune-Telling Birthday Book.  I have it on my bookshelf and really enjoy it.

Did you know that in the Victorian era, flowers held hidden meanings, also knows as "floriograpy"?  Even in medieval times, flowers had specific moral meanings.  Believe it or not, there is a specific flower for every day of the year.

I adore the purple iris.  I was thrilled no end the first time I saw them in their natural habitat - it was a gift of beauty and joy to see them beside a bog garden; dappled with light, huge trees hovering over them,  quite defiant, something so delicate surrounded by the rough and tumble of thick weeds and tall grass.   

The iris was named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow.  Iris was the messenger of the gods and rode the rainbow to and from the Earth in her multi-colored robes.  The iris stands for many things: honesty, devotion, sophistication, sensitivity, loyalty, a bit of passion, and more.  The flour-de-lis is a stylized iris and is the symbol for royalty and a symbol of France. 


Faith I found
by the ol' bog garden
wrapped in a lavender gown.
A show-stopper she,
draped across trail's path,
nature's fleur-de-lis, displayed.

Sword-like guards
warned "Just admire",
so I sat and listened
to secrets softly shared
of truth-filled beauty,
promises of love
and spirituals gently sung.

Wisdom comes in many forms
and grateful I'll always be
to have happened upon
this rainbow's drop
beside still waters
of the ol' garden bog.

by Margaret Bednar, originally written June 15, 2013

The garden shed's window is wide open for interpretation.   It is not required it be an entirely new poem - if you would like to take an older poem and rework it to meet this theme, please feel free to do so.  You may use my images, but I encourage you to do so only if you have a connection to the type of flower it is.

Please link your specific post to "Mr. Linky" below and feel free to write to more than one image or about one flower.  As we know, Friday is often a hectic day, so please feel free to submit late and remember, Monday is "Open Link" here in the Garden.   I look forward to your artistic interpretations.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Such an excellent prompt for the early days of Spring, Margaret. I love your poem (especially as it was written on my birthday!) and gorgeous photographs. Thank you for sharing them with us all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt, Margaret, and loved your poem, its regal and shines like all spring. It made me think of my kid brother who loved to take macro photos of flowers. I had written a poem about this on memorial blog I tended for him for several years after he died, and share it here today with some revision.

Ella said...

Thank you Margaret! Swoon-I adore flowers! My mom is aka Miss Rhumpius-okay, not really, but kind of! This speaks to my green heart-I too love your gorgeous poem~

Fireblossom said...

Hey..isn't it Corey's week?


I have often written about flowers and their meanings, in my poems. It will be a pleasure to do so again.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Corey jumped the gun last week (my fault, really, for not updating the schedule). But it all worked out for Margaret, who was returning from her Spring break. Thus do toads play leap frog.

hedgewitch said...

You are playing my song here, Margaret--and I'm so glad you are allowing older work--I know there is a hidden bloom I can unearth and replant from my many many flower poems--will be back.

Margaret said...

…Corey saved my toady butt last weekend by jumping in and taking my place. He just didn't realize it ;)

hedgewitch said...

Well, somehow I found a new poem for this, Margaret. I am so behind in my commenting--will be back later after I catch up.

Hannah said...

SO exquisite, Margaret!! I love the theme for your challenge...I find the life of flowers so intriguing and inspiring.

Thank you!

Also, I watched a beautiful film on Netflix streaming that I've been waiting to watch, apparently now was the time!! It's titled, "Moving Art: Flowers" Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg takes viewers on an enchanting journey as elegant flowers come to life through his stunning time-lapse photography.

It is 25 minutes long and absolutely stunning.

Anonymous said...

What's today's flower? ;)

Kathryn Dyche said...

While I love flowers I hardly ever write or photograph them so this was a great challenge for me.

Susie Clevenger said...

Such beautiful photographs and poem. Thanks for such a lovely challenge.

Marian said...

beautiful, Margaret.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

An intriguing prompt, Margaret. I look forward to reading the results! I had just read something about patterns in nature, so this was timely!

Jennifer Wagner said...

Beautiful photos Margaret. Flowers are a welcome sight right now! I'll be around tonight and this weekend to read...looking forward to it!

Margaret said...

Thedovcot : Today's flower is… Passion Flower Clematis or Clematis florida 'Sieboldii' it symbolizes ascension. A person born on this day has high expectations for which they happily strive. Admired by others for your clarity and singularity of purpose. Your ideals may be lofty but they are based on truth and love. :)

Margaret said...

EVERYONE - I'm just walking in the door (almost 10 pm) and I'm off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow, but will be back in the evening to read & comment.

Thank you SO much - I'm going to read them all on my iPhone before I drift off to sleep.

Ella said...

Late to the party! I love this challenge-thank you Margaret!

Ella said...

Late to the party! I love this challenge-thank you Margaret!

Grace said...

Well I am super late myself ~ Thanks for the wonderful challenge
Margaret ~

Margaret said...

Thank you all for writing such lovely poems. I did not get around to writing a new one and i apologize for visiting and commenting so late - It's been a busy week for me and the next proves to be just as busy.