Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sunday's Feature Artist: Vandy Massey

"'Painting is Silent Poetry" - Simonides 465 BC

Hello to all the toads and visitors to the garden.   I am happy to share with you the work of UK based artist, Vandy Massey.    

Artist Statement:
I find it thrilling when a picture demands attention. Watching images emerge on the paper is something I find captivating. This is the aspect of watercolour I find the most enthralling, and the reason I am drawn to it’s freedom and flow.

I grew up in South Africa, a place that still influences my painting in discernable ways. I am fascinated by pictures that capture light, and I am drawn to strong colours. My landscapes evoke feelings of space and often include an element of scale. Floral and abstract paintings in my portfolio have an energy which comes from their vibrant colours, and way they  blends on the paper.
I aim to do one or two workshops every year if I can, but aside from those, I am largely self-taught.
A proportion of profits from paintings sold has been donated to Care For Casualties, the military charity that supports members of The Rifles Regiment. It’s a charity that’s very personal because my son is a member of the regiment. Before he joined Rifles, Help for Heroes was the recipient charity. In July 2013, I launched Running With Brushes: a personal challenge to paint 1000 postcard sized painting in aid of Care for Casualties.
Facing East
Dappled Light on Water

Work Life:

My working life is filled with numbers and data. I spend my time at work in analytical pursuits, dealing with statistics and facts: mainly management performance measures and investment data.
In 2001, I founded a data management business, Engauge, specializing in providing reports on management performance and employee engagement. We have been fortunate to count some of the world’s most respected organisations amongst our clients.
I was honoured to receive the Institute of Directors, East of England Business Women of the Year Enterprise Award in 2007.  At the end of 2009, I started painting, and joined the ranks of business professionals who include a creative  output in their balanced portfolio of activities.
Doug's watch

What Lies Beneath


Dark Pleasure

Suzie's Shoes
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Our challenge is to write a new poem or prose poem or flash fiction (250 words limit)  based on the work of Vandy Massey.   Another option is to write about the causes she is passionate about: Help for Heroes  and Care for Casualties - supporting the severely wounded service men & women and their families. 

If you upload her image/s in your writing, please acknowledge the name of the artist and link to her site. She has expressed interest in our work and I will be sending her the link after we have completed our challenge.   I will be checking in during the week to see if anyone else has linked up. 

Wishing you all Happy Weekend ~ Grace (aka Heaven)


Grace said...

Hi everyone, I hope you get inspiration from Vandy's work ~

Wishing you all Happy Weekend ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

She looks like a lovely person and her art has a sublime, dreamy quality.
Thanks for sharing here on Real Toads.

brudberg said...

First wonderful pictures.. really many that could inspire... I wrote a little sonnet.. hmm maybe I need to revisit it later..

Grace said...

Thanks Kerry ~ I admire how she balances her work with painting and charity ~

Brendan and Bjorn - thanks for linking up ~

Kenia Santos said...

Wow, what an amazing painter. <3

My favorite is already 'what lies beneath'.

I'm just headed to bed, I'll come back tomorrow with a poem.


Anonymous said...

Lovely paintings--thanks, Grace. k.

hedgewitch said...

Beautiful work with colors and form by Ms. Massey. Thanks for the introduction Grace, and to the artist for sharing so generously with us. After a trying day wrestling with tax forms I did not expect to write anything, so thanks to you both for the inspiration.

Sumana Roy said...

Thanks Grace for the inspiration and introducing Vandy Massey and
her wonderful creative world..Happy Weekend friends

hedgewitch said...

Apologies to everyone with a WordPress blog--I am unable to comment, it seems, or at least unable to see my comment. I will try again later in the day.

Hannah said...

SUCH inspiration! Than k you Grace and thank you to Vandy for sharing her work here. :)

humbird said...

So inspiring images! More than one. Thanks to the artist Vandy Massey!
Gratitude to Grace finding :)xx

Grace said...

Doing my rounds of reading ~ Thanks for linking up everyone ~ If you want to write another post during the week even, please feel free to do so ~

Doug Shaw said...

Hello folks. I've been reading some of your work - good stuff. Vandy painted the watch for me. It belonged to my Dad and then briefly, to me. If you are interested - you can read the story of the watch here:

Cheers - Doug

Anonymous said...

so very late, but offering it anyways ~

Jennifer Wagner said...

Been awhile since I've linked in here at the Garden and I'm very late to the party with this challenge. Thanks for offering Vandy's work, Grace, I really enjoy what she does.

Vandy said...

Thank you all for your wonderful poems. I'm really thrilled and honoured to have had my paintings featured in your group and your poems. I've written a blog post about this challenge and linked to all the poems under each selected painting.