Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All About Abodes

Day 8 ~ NaPoWriMo

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Hello Toads!  
I love this line Ayn Rand gave to her protagonist Howard Roark in The Fountainhead .. 
"A building has integrity just like a man, and just as seldom."  Consider your own home.  Do Rand's words ring true?  Does your home serve you well?  
Does it have structural and spatial integrity?  Would you change it if you could?  
Today's challenge ~ compose a brand new poem 
about your home, its idiosyncrasies, its personality! 
(Yes it does have one!)  
Feel free to use any form you like.  
Happy writing .. I can't wait to read your poems!

** PS ~ I am away from my home, with sketchy internet service at best!
{ A chained rictameter, just for you ~ 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 }

Miss it
my sweet abode
as I bob about on
the high sea, miles and miles from shore
remarkable food, drink, music, shipmates
entertaining and entrancing
this is living life large.
I dream of home ~
miss it

daily routine
the mundane, familiar
places and faces creating
life's landscape, where everything I hold dear
exists ~ a weird time warp on board
this ship I now call home
for a fortnight ~


Susan said...

Helen, I like your poem and prompt very much!

Maude Lynn said...

It would be unseemly for me to be jealous of another Toad's cruise, wouldn't it?

Hope you're having fun, Helen!

Ella said...

Helen, I hope you are having a beautiful time-take lots of photos~

Oh, I have had 17 homes...which one do I pick?!

hedgewitch said...

I love your poem, Helen. I think I would feel the same way.

Kenia Santos said...

Helen! I'm not sure my poem counts, I hope so. I didn't want to lose your prompt. :)


Hannah said...

Well, this was the perfect day for this poem...I was a little more connected with my house than I usually am as I tackled a project that I'd been putting off for ....about a year! My bedroom closet! Phew...I feel better and so does my house. ;)

Thank you, Helen!

Helen said...

Hi Toads! Internet is VERY expensive in the middle of the Atlantic! Will check back when I arrive in Barcelona on the 20th!

Margaret said...

Helen! I love that you are hosting AND on vacation. Hope you are having a lot of fun - but it IS always nice to come home ;)

Anonymous said...

So cool. K.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the prompt Helen..I took a little different approach to home. :)

Ella said...

Thank you Helen! enJOY your vacation~

Gaurang Rao said...

Just posted mine! Have school will check other links later :)

Jim said...

I like your poem, Helen. My BIL wants to live as a musician on a cruise ship. If this is you, he would envy you. And if this is you and on the Emerald Princess we will see you in a week plus.

The house thing is a nice fun write. I didn't write about the 'retirement home' that we live in now. We designed it but found out too late that it doesn't have enough storage space.

Margaret said...

I tried to leave a comment under Gaurang Rao's poem, but it wouldn't allow me to.

Anonymous said...

Helen--sweet prompt. I am having a host of problems with my mobile devices which is what I use when away--agh. But think I've gotten things up now. K.