Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poem a Day: Creative Walls

Hello Toads, today we are going to play with collections.  Do you have a collection?  I collect tins.

 I recently purchased a book called Creative Walls by Geraldine James.   I am finally going to have a room of my own-my own creative space.   Yes, I can hear Virginia Woolf cheering me on.  In this book there are walls decorated with drift wood, purses, you name it.   Geraldine James started her career as a buyer for Harrods.   She now works at Selfridges-as a home buying manager.  She is passionate about collecting unusual things and decorating her home.

"My passion has always been creating beauty from nothing."
-Geraldine James

  "To produce any art you have to be prepared to expose yourself to judgment, to opinion, to, dare I say it, the whims of fashion. "  

  She invites you to imagine your walls as a blank canvas and create a special altar of your things.  It can be a mood board, a memory, a creation of an imagined vacation, nature collected and gathered and more.    Here are some of her unique collections beautifully arranged.  

You may use her photos- but please credit her work or use your own wall to collect your thoughts and arrange your poem.   If you would prefer a different photo- visit here for more images of her work. 

Poets-you can inspire your muse or arrange your own collection of feathers, seedlings, shells, purses, T-shirts or perfume bottles.   I hope if you are a collector-you will share your style statement with us.  So, gather and sort the flea market corners of your mind, or your great aunt's china cabinet, maybe your grandfather's pipes, or maybe your child collects items in his or her special space.  Draw our eye inward to see your or their creative wonders organized into a poem.  Today only Freelancers-
no rules!


Kay L. Davies said...

Book collections don't count, right? Please, Ella, please? Unless collected books of verse?
Well, I don't know. I once had an owl collection that took over my living space. I have 1, and 2-3-4 but I think that's all any more.
Other collections are little items that belonged to my great-aunts, my grandparents, my parents. And my house is still under remodel.
But I will see what I can find for a photo or two, and hope a poem will follow.
Luv, K

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fell in love with this prompt... So inspiring!

Kerry O'Connor said...

It is fascinating to see the way someone creative can arrange every day objects in such imaginative ways.

Thanks, Ella.

Ella said...

Anything goes Kay! YOU are the artist today~ I still want to try your ballad prompt and Kerry's silent movie challenge attached to mine-

Sumana Roy said...

nice prompt Ella :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ellie, I know how long you have waited for a room of your own to do your art. I cant wait to see photos of how it comes together. My walls, too, are full of visual delight - mainly nature and wildlife. My eyes love everything they see in my little room......

Ella said...

This was harder than I thought. I went in a different direction than planned~

Thank you everyone!

Susie Clevenger said...

I didn't quite hit the target on this was more about why I have the collection...I didn't really say exactly what I wanted fibromyalgia is kicking up...brain is sluggish.

Ella said...

Susie-I loved what you did with yours. My didn't come out as I planned either. I have had sinus issues all day. I live where if you don't have any allergies-you will.

Thank you everyone for sharing your collections!

Margaret said...

another example of "I would never have written this without this prompt". After hemming and hawing for quite a while, I had fun… Thanks.

Susan said...

I am where I am. Grin. See you all when I get back to my own home.