Monday, August 25, 2014

Open Link Monday

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden ...

Copyright belongs to photographer (Unknown)

Greetings Toads! Today we are entering a unique garden, as I share a few thoughts from a book I recently completed. It is a work of non-fiction by author, Paul Rosolie, called Mother of God, documenting Paul's journeys to the Madre de Dios, the steaming tropical jungle at the head of the Amazon River.

Copyright belongs to photographer (Unknown)
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"As I stared at the stars hung at random in billions upon billions of miles of outer space, it suddenly meant something altogether different to be in the jungle. The Amazon, with its vast matrix of interconnected, interdependent organisms as seen from one of those points of light, a star billions of miles from earth, is something unfathomably unique. The Amazon, viewed from space, has been described as the Tree of Rivers: the trunk rising from the Atlantic Ocean and reaching across the continent in ever-diverging branches of tributaries. It is the tree of life, the single greatest example of life to exist, perhaps, in the universe - the miraculous antithesis to the trillions of miles of barren, frigid space."
Read more about Paul Rosolie HERE on

These words made me consider the world we live in from the perspective of everything else in the known universe: what a unique miracle of life we own. As poets we seem to be on a quest to uncover the secrets of human existence, in all its glory and degradation. We try to figure exactly how we fit into a pattern of existence we have barely grasped over the mere 5.5 thousand years of so-called civilization, since we entered the Bronze Age. A reading of Walt Whitman's poem, Miracles, gives some voice to the perspective of which I speak:

Why, who makes much of a miracle? 
As to me I know of nothing else but miracles...

If you have a poem to share today, consider that the very act of writing, recording, creating art through the use of small marks upon a page may be a singularly unique enterprise, unknown in any other part of the Universe. We see, we believe, we preserve, we communicate.


Jim said...

Hi Kerry ~~ It is early morning here and we are heading to bed. So I am leaving my link and running. It is a late entry for Margaret's 'Play it again' challenge.

brudberg said...

Hi Kerry,

No new poem from me today but an entry for our daily haiku challenge where we explore Khalil Gibran and use quotes from him to write haiku.
I will make my rounds tonight.

avalon said...

These Monday mornings are always inspirational, setting us up for a week of thinking.
I woke up thinking about the miracle of words and what they mean to a reader and/or writer of poetry. I want my words to frolic and to dance upon the page; even to misbehave at times.

Anonymous said...

Fine intro essay, Kerry. One evolutionary biologist wrote that the human species was invented by nature to that the big cosmic dragon would have the means to see itself. To calibrate the enormity and fragility of it all, to bear witness ... and those little boats of poems that we sail off with best intentions, to discover the face of the beloved, the shadow of loss, all of it looking somehow like the Amazon from space. Here's to the witness of it all.

Marian said...

Kerry, your intro inspires, thank you! xoxo

Outlawyer said...

Wonderful easy, Kerry. Thank you. My last poem related to your labyrinthine prompt and does not go with something inspirational! I will think of this though. As always, thanks . K. Manicddaily

Outlawyer said...

Ps-- I have this book I am trying to get up-- it is long done but I have such a lack of confidence in doing the blurb and being done. I will try to think of your words to get fortitude. Forgive incoherence-- on phone.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm also late for Margaret's Sunday challenge so I shall add it to OLM as well.

Susie Clevenger said...

Hello everyone. I hope it is a great day for you and a wonderful week!

Susan said...

Beautiful, Kerry! When you see my poem today, you won't believe I wrote it BEFORE your inspiration, but I did! Thank you, as always, for sharing your thoughts and meditations.

Susan said...

I'll be back to read more. The first two I read took all my attention! Wow!

Unknown said...

hae a lovely week ahead everyone! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Kerry, for the inspiration and support you unceasingly offer, and for it's beautiful manifestation today. Your introduction inspires!

Anonymous said...

Kerry-- adding my link in since so belated for the other prompt. Hope that's not a problem. K.

Roan said...

If only I could write poetry, I would join in. Alas, I'm a horrible poet. The book sounds interesting.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I actually shrieked when I saw the snake. How unbecoming of my courageous self!