Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Community of Hope

Here’s the Hope Six Demolition Project
stretching down to Benning Road
a well-known pathway of death,
(at least, that’s what I’m told).
Here’s the one sit-down restaurant
in Ward Seven. Nice.
Okay, now this is just drug town,
just zombies, but that’s just life.
The Community of Hope.
Here’s the highway to death and destruction,
South Capitol is its name.
The school looks like a shit hole –
does that look like a nice place?
Here’s the old mental institution
now the Homeland Security base.
Here’s God’s Deliverance Centre,
a deli called M.L.K.
The Community of Hope.
They’re gonna’ put a Walmart here.
Click here for a brief interview with PJ Harvey on the inspiration for the song and album.

Toads! Your challenge today is to be inspired by PJ Harvey and write a new poem about community, hope, housing demolition, Washington DC, poverty, drugtown, homeland security, Walmart, protest music, photojournalism, or whatever-else-have-you.



Blogoratti said...

An interesting theme and nice tune!

Marian said...

It really gives me chills when the choir members start harmonizing.

brudberg said...

This one deserves my full attention... I had yet to listen to her new project, I did listen a lot to the record before (Let England Shake)... and I also watched her live... one of the best concerts I have ever seen... any category.

Stacie Eirich said...

Oh I love me some PJ Harvey -- and other strong musical women who educate us and move us. My fave band of all time is the Indigo Girls - watching this makes me want to turn on their albums. Also makes me sad, and also reminds me of the beauty of a community singing and experiencing life together. I've been in choirs all my life, and the choir in the video not only sounded fantastic but also made a fitting statement. We are all woven into the same fabric together. We must use our voices together in order to be heard heard, in order to preserve and grow our communities. Makes me want to go to rehearsal right now! :-) Yes, I'm a major dork. And proud of it. Lol Don't know if I'll get a poem today...but thanks for this!

Outlawyer said...

Marian--I grew up in DC and love this topic but am very behind with all kinds of stuff so may not get to it--or very late. Thanks so much though. k.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love the clip, Marian. I brings tears to my eyes and makes me smile at the same time.

Here’s the old mental institution
now the Homeland Security base.

That really says a lot, doesn't it?

I am sorry I have not been up to much writing of late. Difficult time of the school year, with mid-year exams coming up but I hope to get back into it during my winter vacation.

Marian said...

I am the same, no worries, friends... am cheering for myself any time I write a thing, which is pretty infrequent right now. I'm glad you all enjoyed this video, as I certainly do. The whole album is great, as I would expect from Polly Jean :)