Saturday, November 25, 2017

November Themes!

Hello, dear Toads! Marian here, standing in for Kim in the Garden this weekend. Some of you might have noticed that I’m writing #30PoemsInNovember to benefit new immigrants to the USA via the Center for New Americans, a nonprofit here in western Massachusetts. I have done this challenge as a fund raiser for several years but took last year off. This year, I’m back in the game and totally inspired by my two kids, who are ALL IN, each creating 30 drawings in November! Amazing.

The kids created 30 themes for November and we 3 have been dutifully following along each day, writing and drawing to the themes. I thought I’d share the whole month’s worth of themes here so that my fellow Toads might pick one (or more!) and write along. Enjoy!

Anne Meuse, #7 Lies "I'm BrOKen"
Autumn leaves
Jack Meuse, #17 Drama "Comedy and Tragedy"
Shopping/Not shopping


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oooh this prompt is absolutely delicious, Marian!💞 Mine is a potpourri of themes since I couldn't settle on one bwahahahaha! Happy Weekend, everyone!💞

Marian said...

So many options! I'd say this barely qualifies as a prompt. Maybe more like inspiration? :)
An explicit invitation is extended for multiple responses if anyone is so inclined.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks for sharing the November list, Marian. So many great cues to get the ideas flowing. I look forward to many enjoyable reads.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

Wonderful initiative!
Waiting for someone to combine all and make a legendary one xD

brudberg said...

So many themes... did use a few in a little triolet... hope it works.


Your kids' artwork is amazing. I would love to see all of it. I will check your blog. Maybe the rest is there.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Dearest Marian, who can resists a prompt where the themes are written in red. No one, I am sure. I took a poem a bit I wrote for Instagram, and then chose a few of your themes to feed some meat (and kiwi) into it.

Frank J. Tassone said...

Great prompt! I took the music prompt and went jazz!

Esther Shaindel said...

I love this prompt. It's so open-ended, but I love skimming through the words and finding connections between them to prompt my own poem 😊

Cressida de Nova said...

Your children are very clever and creative to conjure up all these great prompts. I chose the romance one.

Anonymous said...

I went with the drama of a turkey leg carrying chihuahua trotting down a sidewalk (threw in 'chainsaw' too). Thanks for the prompt.

Gillena Cox said...

Good job !!! you and your children. Thanks for sharing Marian

much love...

Marian said...

Good morning, friends! A couple notes:
Not too much of the art is on my blog yet. My daughter has been drawing in pencil and it does not show up very well scanned. But! She has decreed next month "Inkcember" or some such and will be inking all of her drawings, so perhaps I can make an album of them to share for anyone who is interested.
Also! Haha, I should have mentioned this earlier: Try a poem with Drama-Romance-Bloodshed. Apparently these three words go together!
:) And now I'm coming around to visit all of you.

Marian said...

Also, I linked up my ZOMBIES poem from a couple days ago. Think my friends here will appreciate :)

Anonymous said...

I did not choose any - rather two popped out from your spoiled-for-choice list so cleverly illustrated - thank you!

Vivian Zems said...

Hi Marian! I love the themes and the drawings are adorable . I'd like to know how you fund-raise this way.

Marian said...

Hi, Vivian: This is a fundraiser for a local nonprofit in my area that provides English classes, career services, and other supports to new immigrants to the community. For a number of years they have organized writers in the area to participate in a fundraiser called: 30 Poems in November!
Each poet writes every day and asks people in their own network to make a donation (or "sponsor" their activities). Writers go about this in various different ways. I have been posting the poems on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter every day, promoting the fundraiser and asking for donations. They have an online fundraising platform ( I've also been posting the artwork by my kids to Facebook. I've raised about $525 so far, and the overall goal of the fundraiser is $50,000. Some people are more private about their writing, but I like the sharing, personally. Yay! Thank you for asking. xo Marian