Thursday, June 21, 2018

Unhappy Refrain

Tell me how you feel like these days
Tell me why you don't wanna say it
Tell me now what is on your mind
I'm still gonna listen to you


Sharing your sound
Connecting our feelings
Everyone has found that we've owned this hymn
Now we have found that's all

So we join in

(This prompt brought to you by me and my daughter Anne.)

Introducing Hatsune Miku! She is a hologram performing with a real-life band in front of huge live audiences. Miku and her friends perform music that is written by their fans. I find vocaloid music to be really inspiring and hope you do, too.



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Anne, what a cool prompt. I will try to come up with an unhappy refrain for you tomorrow. I liked the first song a lot!

Jinksy said...

Who could resist such temptation to join in the fun? Not I! :-)

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Thank you for the fabulous prompt, Marian and Anne!💜 It helped vent out buried feelings today!☕

Kerry O'Connor said...

Whatever next? What a world we live in for imaginative artists!

Thanks for this, Marian.

tonispencer said...

Thank you Marian for this prompt.

Susie Clevenger said...

Thanks Marian. Writing is therapy for me, and I needed an outlet for the unhappy I've been living through lately.

Margaret said...

Wish I had time... I am off for a mini-summer long weekend break with some of the family. I will be back to play in a week.

Jim said...

I might be unhappy tonight, I wrote it this morning and still a lot unhappy. I'm not mentioning names though you might guess. Thank you Marian, it's a nice prompt, just not happy.

Marian said...

Hi, Friends, with apologies I'm going to be visiting all of you tomorrow. Life is just too busy. Unhappily :) So glad to see some responses here! My daughter really enjoys the vocaloids (Miku is the most famous, but there are many more). The first time we encountered this we were stunned, like your reaction, Kerry. The band is really great too!