Thursday, September 13, 2018

Made For Now

So inspiring! Ladies and gentlemen, Janet Jackson!


* ROCK ON! *


Kerry O'Connor said...

I am so sad to be falling behind each week. Thank you for the inspiration, Marian. I will catch up on my commentary over the weekend.

Marian said...

Mid-week, friends! Whew.
I hope you all have the chance to listen to the videos, wow. Really inspiring. I've had this song in my head for quite some time because it's that catchy... and I appreciate its message. Hope you do, too.
I just learned that Janet Jackson and I were born within about two weeks of each other. I better get to dancing! :)

brudberg said...

I will have to listen a bit... haven't listen to Janet Jackson since Rhythm Nation... ages ago... somehow I think of Oak Ridge because that was on MTV all the time when I lived there for a few months... weird association.

Jim said...

I've liked Janet ever since I became knowing of her. Thank you, Marian for this nice idea. Her "Young love" got me going. Why?

brudberg said...

Better late than never... a very short piece..
at least I have linked to one of my favorite Music Video's ever.

Margaret said...

wow - never realized how synchronized she is. I must be getting old - had to google the lyrics. I am thinking of taking the essence of her meaning and applying it to a different person (not black) but I hope I can finesse it to work with this prompt. It will be late and I will probably be posting it on Tuesday... :)