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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Word with Laurie

Poetry is a packsack* of invisible keepsakes. ~Carl Sandburg

My husband is taking our two boys on a Boy Scout camping trip this weekend called the Spook-O-Ree. They have been preparing for the trip all day: grocery shopping, packing clothes, getting out the tents from the shed, sleeping bags, canteens, backpacks, flashlights, bug spray… and the list goes on. I guess my daughter and I will start Christmas shopping while they are gone which also involves a bit of planning and list making.

Therefore the word for today is list; I want you to write a list poem.

List poem: A poem comprised of a list of specific things connected by an idea which progresses from the beginning to a desired solution at the end. It should make a point or tell a story. The title reveals what/who the list will be about.

The Catch: As always, there is a catch. I want your list poem to involve directions or an element of how to get somewhere. What I have in mind is How To (Not) Get Lost in the Woods because I always worry about my boys when they go camping. Here it is:

How To (Not) Get Lost in the Woods

Wear that neon yellow
t-shirt I packed for you
the one that says
“You’re a Star.”
Carry a whistle
compass rose
water bottle
the big stick
your cell phone
in case you get lost;
aww, heck- put it all
in a backpack
but bend with your knees.
Never go into the woods
alone; remember the buddy
system? Follow the river.
Watch out for spiders,
snakes, bramble, branches,
bears, wild hogs;
aw, heck- never go into
the woods without your dad.

@laurie kolp

Have fun writing your list poem with directions and/or how-to _____. I can't wait to read all your wonderful creations! Thank you.

*packsack: The combination of "knapsack and backpack"


Kerry O'Connor said...

What a wonderful idea, Laurie! I adore your how not to get lost poem. Pin it on their packsacks before they leave.

Mama Zen said...

Great poem! I'll have to give this a shot.

Kay L. Davies said...

I also love your how-not-to-get-lost poem. This is a great idea. I'm going to try it, too.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

cosmos cami said...

Thank you.
I needed an outlet for an idea and this fit the bill perfectly, Laurie.

Laurie Kolp said...

Thank you! I can't wait to see all of yours!

Mary Ann Potter said...

This surely wasn't easy, and I may do some revising later, but I needed this stretch. Thanks for a cool prompt. I'm not yet satisfied with my post even though it's there for y'all to read.

Lolamouse said...

I love your list poem! Wanna write one for my daughter for when she goes to Anime Conventions in Baltimore? EEK!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I love your list poem--I had to give it a try.

I've linked in with my idea.

Ella said...

I love this idea and I love to make where do I want to direct everyone, lol~

Laurie Kolp said...

Thank you all so much = )

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun Laurie! Good idea....... I'm just swamped right now with lists of my own though or I certainly would come to play......