Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Tandem Laurie & Shanyn

You can track toads. They do not hop like frogs. They walk, in a stately toad like manner. They also climb in same said toad like manner.

Poets can be very much the same. We can be tracked through our words, the trails we leave.  When two poets write together the tandem tracks leave a marvelous sight behind. Something new. Something unique. Something special.

With Real Toads is such a community where our paths cross in wonderful poetic ways.  I was paired with the wonderfully talented Laurie Kolp for this challenge by Kerry.  We worked on our tandem poem, a tribute to this community. Then we added a poem each.

Enjoy friends!

Garden of toads, and visiting frogs.
We hop poem to poem – tasting, savoring.
Enchanted prompts,
The seasons flavoring
Poets gather, seeding words in a wild garden.
A riot of colors, words and sounds – joy!
Encouraging each other with
Supportive comments employed
Nothing lifts the spirit more than this.
An eclectic and wild garden poetic.

And from Laurie...

Regift me, lift me
higher than I want to be,
a mythical toad
flying in a clouded sea;
while you
crown me, drown me
in an effervescent sky
with words unspoken,
this poem I write.

and from me, Shanyn...

Spring rushes for no man.
Neither do my toads.
They slumber deeply
under flowers roots.
Don't disturb them!

Muses wait for no poets.
They madden us
with poems over flowing
or with dusty drought.
Don't waste them!

Poems, once spoken, live.
Once written are eternal.
Toads signal health.
Poems signal soul.
Cherish them both.


Mary said...

" Encouraging each other with
Supportive comments employed
Nothing lifts the spirit more than this.
An eclectic and wild garden poetic. "

Beautiful! And I agree 100% Encouragement and support is key!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pairing. Love the way that toads become beautiful, like jeweled beetles. k.

Kerry O'Connor said...

What a lovely tribute to toads and poets! I love the pic of the toad footprints - how cool is that?

Some lovely lines to take from this:

Poets gather, seeding words in a wild garden.

Poems, once spoken, live.

Thank you so much for being a part of our July Collaborations.

Lolamouse said...

I love the idea of hopping from poem to poem in an enchanted garden! Great "In Tandem" Laurie and Shanyn!

Maude Lynn said...

"They madden us
with poems over flowing
or with dusty drought."

So true!

Susie Clevenger said...

What a beautiful tribute to Real Toads..."regift me lift me" So many times I find that when I read what our creative toads write..."Muses wait for no poets.They madden us
with poems over flowing
or with dusty drought.
Don't waste them!" This is so true. I feel fretful when my muse retreats fearing she will not return.

Again you have stated our toad quest so well..Congrats!!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So lovely, Shanyn and Laurie! I love your alternating voices, which work so well together. I especially love Laurie's "Regift me, lift me higher".......this community definitely inspires us to stretch, and the support and encouragement of community, especially this very special one, is such a gift to we poets. Sigh. I am Toad-ally content after reading this wonderful piece. So far, July rocks!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

a fun compilation of poems! I have always liked toads :-)

Mary B. Mansfield said...

A wonderful collaboration!

Mary Ann Potter said...

So memorable, so well done! I thank you both for this lovely collaboration; it speaks so beautifully about this group.

Hannah said...

Laurie and Shanyn!!! What a joy to find the tracks of two favorite toads crossing..mingling and dancing for this beautiful poetic endeavor!!

I love your approach from the opening lines to the tandem poem and the individual ones too!!

Thank you so much dear toads!!

Scarlet said...

Lovely words from both of you ~

Thanks for your passion and gifts for us ~

Sorry Gnat said...

fun group poem - what distinguishes the toad from the frog; any details would be welcome

Mystic_Mom said...

Here is the difference between a frog and a toad:

Thanks all for your comments and for reading our poetry!

Phil Slade said...

Never heard of two poets working together like that - it works. Good stuff.

Vaishali Jain said...

I liked all the three poems. I never saw such great stuff coming out of poets working together.

I'm a new toad out here and the garden is exactly as I had presumed it to be - lively and lovely!

Daydreamertoo said...

Lovely combination. Your styles complimented each other, perfectly.
I love how you made toads seem so attractive, enchanting almost.

Great writing poets and, wonderful encouragement there for others too.

Ella said...

I cherish the view you both gave us~
Wow, SO many great thoughts rush in!

Laurie I love: "flying in a clouded sea, while you crown me and drown me"

Shanyn I love: "Muses wait for no poets. They maddens us with poems over flowing"

I love how you paired together and then leap off in your own directions!

Thank you..this was wonderful to read! I had to read it again ;D

Helen said...

Leaving words behind, that is what fuels my attempts at poetry. This 'In Tandem' offering is so special. Generations later, your words will be read and remembered.

Herotomost said...

You both painted the garden in a magnificent light, the thought of sharing and supporting the gifts that each other wields is a great step off, and with all the inspiration that floats around this place I think you chose your subject matter very well. Awesome.