Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Get Listed!

Oh come on. Don't try to tell me that you've never gotten listed before! Fireblossom here, with a cool challenge for everyone. First, I want you to meet a good friend of mine. No, wait! Ya see, the thing is, she's shy. But she sent me here to give y'all a message! No, really, she did. She's got the goods, which she gave to me, to give to you, so we can all get listed.

Clear? No?

Okay. Here's the thing: I'm holding. A list! What did you think? Ms. X gave me this very excellent word list for all of us to write from. She wants you to know that she's not all hung up with rules and stuff. (I told you we were friends!) For example, if the word "bitter" is on the list, you don't have to use it exactly as it appears. You could use "bitterest" or "bitterroot" or "bitters" or any variation that works best in your poem. The aim here is to inspire; the list should be a springboard, not a straightjacket! Use all the words if you want to, or use just one. Use five. Whatever blows your skirt up!

When you're done writing your poem, a NEW poem, using one or many of the words on the following list, just link up and let us know that, wow, did you ever get listed! I look forward to reading everyone's creations!

Now then, here is some music to get listed by, and....our list!



Kerry O'Connor said...

Hmmm... I wonder who our mystery guest could be. We should keep a record of all contributors, and I'd really like to send this generous person bunches of flowers to say thank you for kindly sharing her creativity with all of us in the garden.

Herotomost said...

Woooohoooo!!!! I'm first!

Laurie Kolp said...

I love word lists... and I appreciate your friend (who is my friend, too) sharing! I'll be back...

Teresa said...

What a fun way to start the new year!

Angie said...

What an interesting idea!

Happy New Year!

Helen said...

... thanks for the mini-concert! I love Hall & Oats! ... I'm old you know.

hedgewitch said...

I seldom do the list thing, except when someone asks this nicely. Besides, I really needed a bit of inspiration for the new year after watching bitter political absurdities drag into the wee hours for the last week, so my thanks to Fireblossom and her anonymous source for the attraction and distraction.

LLM Calling said...

I'm feeling properly crazy tonight so I'll be trying to use all the words, I might need to be sectioned shortly afterwards. be back later

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love these words but they're fighting with my head... where a huge block is growing by the day. Someone help!!

Marian said...

fun and thank you, Fireblossom and/or whoever you are! xo

Kateri said...

Thanks so much for the prompt. I ended up using several of the words to write a poem around one of my photos that I've been looking at all morning trying to come up with something.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Confession time! This is a poem I started yesterday, before I saw the word list but it didn't go anywhere, so I have reworked it using the list to give it some direction. I reckon if I kick hard enough, it may take a breath.

jasmine calyx said...

I just jotted down all the words and am now heading out to take the kids to McDonald's. I'll see if anything bubbles.

Kerry, when I'm stumped with a word list, sometimes I try reading the words backwards or from the middle out ... you know, just finding words/phrases inside words. For example, I could turn "nasty" into "Why stain anonymity?" just by looking at the letters in "nasty" from right to left rather than left to right. See what I mean? It's great fun. Give it a try whenever your brain is too tight and you need to loosen its bolts.

Great prompt, Shay. I love word lists too.

vivinfrance said...

A humdinger of a prompt. I used them all in an irreverent - wrong word - irrelevant piece of prose. Now I'm going to read what real writers did with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi FB and others, I am not a big fan of list poems though I think that they can be great--I just am--I don't know --too crochety, but your rules were so wonderfully open and the list spurred some much better choices too, thanks. Happy New Year all! k.

Mary said...

Well, I gave this a try. I used each word, in one form or another! It was quite a challenge indeed.

Ella said...

I will post mine tomorrow! I love this...and what a great song FB!
Very clever of you ;D
Five is my lucky number~

Susan said...

Well, I don't even read list poems, but gave into temptation here and so I WILL be reading them. I channeled a new voice for this one, and thank you and your own mysterious contributor for a great beginning to this new year.

jasmine calyx said...

I finally found time to work on this in between whipping up batches of homemade divinity. (So yummy.)

Susie Clevenger said...

I love the prompt. I was suffering a bit of writer's block, but this list broke through it.

Ella said...

I love this prompt, too!
I want to send Ms. X, some tea! The good kind-Chai, not the bitterroot one~ ;D

Hannah said...

Ooo...your words...this list is a playground!!! Such delicious fun!! Thank you Miss X and Fireblossom!!! xoxo

Posting now but had to let some of the excitement spill! ;)

my heart's love songs said...

love your prompt, Fireblossom! one of these days i may attempt to do an entire list!

i have things which must be done in the "real" world today, but will be by to visit everyone tonight!

Anonymous said...

a very late entry of indeterminate style/success. But it was a fun list.

Margaret said...

So LATE, sorry. Still coughing and hacking my way through the days, but feeling a lot better. I will be around later tonight to read everyone's poems for this challenge. Thanks, Shay, for this challenge that had me banging my head against the wall :)

Sharp Little Pencil said...

The list was so intriguing, this turned out to be my first post of the year after a depression followed by a meltdown I hope never to experience again. Shay, you really came through with a great prompt. Thanks! Amy

De Jackson said...

Late to the party. Loved this list, which prompted the unsticking of a slurry muse. Appreciated! :)