Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday Mini-Challenge

Hi Toads, Ella here.  I have a surprise for you-a friend of mine who frequents my blog mentioned she loves photography.   I was intrigued and discovered more of her wonderful photos at Deviantart.  She is a true talent-a visual poet!  I thought how fabulous it would be to have her share some of her art with us.   I asked her if she would be interested in seeing her visual eye inspire poetry.  She was thrilled and said yes!    Let me introduce my friend L. Diane Wolfe.  Diane is a professional speaker, author and photographer.

 Painted Faerie

 Diane tell me how your fascination with visual poetry/photography began? 

My fascination with photography began with my father. He was an excellent photographer, self-taught as he was in all things he did. He died when I was eleven, so I never got to learn from him. But I received my first camera a year later and my obsession began.

 The Edge

 Diane how did your view developed?  Sorry, about the pun. 

I took photography in high school and was on the yearbook staff. After several years of job and career hopping, I landed a position in the photo department of a military contract company.  It refueled my desire to be a professional photographer, and I eventually purchased my own darkroom setup.  

 Tiny Puddles

So, your hobby became your career?  Tell me more...
Over the course of 23 years and thousands of rolls of film, I started making money as a photographer. For many years I did stock photography, and my photos were featured in Homes Illustrated and Cat Fancy. I started doing portraits and weddings, and I even shot an album cover. Eventually other things took over my life (such as writing) but I continued to take artistic shots for my own enjoyment.

Elephant Frozen In Time

 Amazing-you have a natural talent!   Wait album cover?  Anyone we might know?!   Wow...    What is your favorite medium?

The album cover was for a local bluegrass band.  I knew two of the members through other business dealings and they asked me to photograph one of their concerts for an album cover.  Ironically, the image they selected was for one I took of the band members scattered in seats after the concert was over. It was a sharp B&W shot.  

Black and white photography has always been my favorite. Textures, shapes, and patterns tend to pop out at me before colors. It can be dramatic or soft and responds best to contrast. I do enjoy color, too, and watch for those moments of contrasting colors. And I am drawn to water in all its forms, and a babbling brook or fountain can provide hundreds of unique possibilities.

        Stallions Dreams        

I too love B&W photos.  What do you love most about being behind the lens?  

I’m a visual person, and my photos are how I view the world. I hope others appreciate the view, too.

The Mist

I promise, we will!  Thank you so much Diane, for being part of our Sunday Mini challenge.  I know your art will inspire wonderful poetry~

L. Diane Wolfe
Professional Speaker, Author, & Photographer


Kerry O'Connor said...

These images are astoundingly beautiful! Many, many thanks to Diane for sharing them with us on Real Toads.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Ella, thank you so much for the interview and posting of my photos. I hope they inspire many beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

Ella, great interview. Diane lives up to her name - I saw her blog, and she is one enterprising young artist and motivational phenom.

Thanks to Ella for finding her, and thanks do Diano for her generosity. I was so inspired this one typed right into my computer, no pencil intervention at all! Amy

hedgewitch said...

These are really intriguing and beautiful shots--thanks Ella and Diane--will be away from the 'net for awhile but will see if anything percolates up.

Grace said...

Ella, thank you for introducing her lovely work to us ~ I hope to respond hopefully by tomorrow or if not, Monday ~

Happy weekend to all ~

Vandana Sharma said...

very beautiful photographs and are definitely a source of many poems:)!!! here is mine...on "Tiny Puddles"

Ella said...

I knew you would love her photos!
I am so happy she was willing to share~ I am thrilled she did...
thanks! ;D

Thank you Diane! YOUR visual poetry is a gift~ The hardest part was selecting the photos, so many gorgeous views~

I did my two fav...but may try another one. I have to run to the Farmer's Market...I'll be back!

Janine Bollée said...

Hiya Ella,
your friend's image "The Edge", put me in mind of an edge I have worked with and made me come to grips with what an edge can mean in abstract art. Retinal patterning relates to poetry and vice versa.

Hannah said...

I'm SO moved by these!! Such a gift. Thank you. ♥

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for the introduction, Ella. Elephant Frozen in Time is especially remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Wow, imagination aroused and inspired by this fabulous photography !! Had to join in, R

Ella said...

These poems are magical! I see private glances of stories, and processes of exposing ourselves to nature, and allowing it to let us see in new facets~

Diane really is a poet with her captured view. She paints with light~

Margaret said...

I live the light that is captures in these photos! Driving my oldest daughter to a two week art camp (she won a scholarship full tuition) so I am on the road Sunday for 7 hours round trip. At least some of it will be in the mountains I love. I might be posting late (Monday)

Mary said...

Ella, the photos you chose are beautiful. They are inspiring some fine work.

Laura said...

absolutely beautiful!

Ella said...

Laura-I so agree :D

Mary-I thought they would! The poems are spectacular! Thank you~

Margaret-Be safe and congrats to Chelsea-how fabulous!! Oh, I love the mountains ;D Live the light-love that!

Cloudfactor5-Always a great way to write ;D I'm glad you did~

Sherry-You are welcome ;D Yes, a lot to inspire. Diane's magical view is surreal!

Hannah-I think Diane will love our poems~ :D <3

Aprille-I have to read your poem again-so many layers. The effect is wonderful :D

VaNdAnA-I agree :D so much wonder!

Grace-Happy weekend Grace! Yes, vivid, symbolic and beautiful-fun to write too. :D You are welcome~

Joy-Yes, it is fun to let those words simmer n' bubble ;D You are welcome~

Amy-I love how your process unfolded~ Wonderful Amy :D

L.Diane-I hope you love our poems and snap more poetry soon ;D
Thank you for being so gracious!

Kerry-I agree! Yes, I am so happy she was willingly to share~ :D
Well said~

Thank you everyone! I am happy you are inspired~ @>---------

Kerry O'Connor said...

Every photo spoke to me, but none so strongly as the horses. I wish I could have written something as monumental as Ted Hughes "The Horses", but I have composed a simple ballad in their honour.

Unknown said...

Cool I found one called "The Edge" ... love it!

Maggie Grace said...

Gorgeous, stunning photos! Found my inspiration ♥ Lovely idea for a prompt!

Susie Clevenger said...

Thanks Ella for introducing us to the Diann'es beautiful photography.

grapeling said...

Hi Ella,

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and effort. I'm new here. I've followed Grace from everyday amazing, and appreciate the chance to read and share. Diane's images are striking and timeless.


Jennifer Wagner said...

Thanks for bringing us this challenge and interview Ella! L. Diane-I love your work!

Carol Kilgore said...

These are beautiful, Diane. I'm fascinated by water, too.

I love your header photo, Ella. Great to meet you.