Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get Listed ~ Helen's Choice

Our guest contributor today is Helen Dehner of Poetry Matters. Helen, the quirky, fun-loving writer from Bend, Oregon, is a long-standing Follower of Real Toads.

© Helen Dehner

She has kindly provided us with the following list of words. The challenge is to include any number of them in your poem - a minimum of 3 will ensure that the word use does not become merely incidental.


© Helen Dehner

Helen has also given permission to use her photos on your blog, if you care to. Please include her copyright and a link back to Poetry Matters.


Susie Clevenger said...

Hello everyone! Goodness I am first again. Thanks so much for the word list Helen!

Fireblossom said...

Maybe I'll call mine "Punk Bouffant"!

Kerry O'Connor said...

My thanks again, Helen, for being such a loyal supporter of RT, and for a wonderful list of words to play with.

Helen said...

Imagine my surprise when I wandered into the Garden this morning and saw the list of words ~~ I'd forgotten all about them.

When Kerry asked me to participate I decided to challenge myself and wrote this list in 30 seconds or so ~~ like flash card words ~~ no rhyme, no reason. I don't recall which came first, I decided to alphabetize them.

NOW my challenge is to write a poem!!

I enjoy all of you so much ......

Marian said...

great word list, Helen! thank you! xo

Ella said...

Great word list...I'm inspired~
I haven't been- my mind has been spinning~
Thank you! :D

Maggie Grace said...

Your photos are lovely but having just done a haiku about birds, I went for the clutch of eggs. My free verse. Hope all rules are followed. Also loved the word list. Lots of room for inspiration!

Kay L. Davies said...

This was great fun, Helen. Thanks for your flash-card list.
Thanks for featuring Helen, Kerry. I enjoyed it.

Maude Lynn said...

I had a lot of fun with this, Helen!

LLM Calling said...

What huge fun this was, can't wait to read all your creations in the morning

Margaret said...

I still have Open Link Monday to visit and a slumber party with fifth grade girls theme: Spa Night. My older girls are offering their services. I'm the food service (homemade lasagna). If I don't get to this today, I will tomorrow. Inse a few words I'd like to use.

Fireblossom said...

I got nothin'. I think I shot my bolt with the last three.

Margaret said...

Helen!! Thanks for this poem you dragged out of me. It AMAZES me all the poems I do for challenges... most would NEVER be written if my imagination hadn't been triggered.

I'm running behind in commenting (I still have Monday's Open Link to respond to ... two birthday girls I celebrated this week and a houseful of their friends. Things should quiet down after noon tomorrow (slumber party will be over!)

L. Edgar Otto said...

I wound up awake and nothing much more to do on line... bufo of course means toad.

Mark Koopmans said...

Good luck with the poetry exercise... I'm impressed (poetry and I had a falling out when I was a kid - and it was *his* fault :)

PS... please let Ella know I have a Shaved Ice for her in my freezer :)

Unknown said...

Wow, amazing list Helen. I thought, then thought and thought a lot and ended up using all the words.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Robyn your link took us to Poets United and has been removed. Please relink your blog post for this challenge.

Helen said...

Thank you again, Kerry ... fun and quirky is a supreme compliment!

Kerry O'Connor said...

You're welcome, Helen. In my book, both characteristics are highly-prized.