Friday, May 16, 2014

Transforming Friday with Nature's Wonders

Hello, the natural wonder to enthuse our muse today is...
(drum roll...)
the Black Forest in Germany!
The Grimm Brothers set many of their fairy tales
in this bewitching landscape 
along the Rhine River in southwestern Germany.

river kinzig running through the Black Forest valley
(wiki share alike)
Munster at Freiburg im Breisgau
A Girl of the 1900 Black Forest, Baden, Germany
A cuckoo clock, symbol of the Black Forest and Germany.

Here's a rather tourist-y sounding clip...informative though.

The direction you choose to wax poetical is up to you.

Will this magical place be your setting?
Does the girl pictured above inspire a story?
Do the cuckoo clocks stir some creativity?

Also, I invite you all to go deeper, 
bring a unique facet of the Black Forest to the pond.
Perhaps, the Singing Bird Box draws your poetic ear...
or maybe The Necromancer; or, 
The Tale of the Black Forest the gothic novel 
by Ludwig Flammenberg 
will catch your word loving heart!

Please create and share something new today.
Link up, comment and hop along 
to a few of the neighboring lily pads;
please visit and encourage 
@ the community of bloggers here. 

Thank you for joining in the challenge today 
and feel free to hop in the pond late...
I know Friday can be busy so write when you can 
and I will come read you! 


Susie Clevenger said...

Great prompt Hannah. I'm on the road to Oklahoma to see my youngest daughter. I'll catch up when I get back.

Hannah said...

Thank you, Susie!! Have a great visit with your daughter! ♥

Anonymous said...

Don't know if mine is specific to the Black Forest, but when the muse takes you into a forest you don't ask too many questions, do you? Great, but pretty difficult prompt!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yippee! I LOVE Transforming Fridays and will enjoy leaving my little abode and walking in the deep dark forest......thanks, Hannah!

brudberg said...

I must say this got me a little bit sidetracked.. I got to think about the wonderful paintings from John Bauer.. and I had to go fairytale... could be Grimm but also Sweden.. but most definitely deep forests.

Susan said...

Thanks Hannah! I transformed, speaking through the words of Hesse, poet of the Black Forest.

Ella said...

Lovely prompt, Hannah!
Now I am craving a walk and Black Forest cake~

Grimm tales do always inspire!

I haven't written in weeks-I think I will try this one!

I hope everyone is well~!

Hannah said...

Excellent work poets...perfectly inspired!!

I will be around tomorrow to catch up and hop into the pond with a poem as well.

Happy weekend poetical peeps! :)

Ella said...

Thank you Hannah! You woke me from my brain fog!

Happy weekend to you poetic friend!
Pick some Lilacs and smell them for me-pretty please~ :D

Hannah said...

The lilacs haven't arrived here yet, Ella but I will mediate on them too...such a lovely lavender scented vision.

I'm so glad this challenge stirred the muse for you. ♥

Grace said...

Thanks for the inspiring challenge Hannah ~ I have used the black forest theme to write my terzanelle form ~ My poetic muscles are now mushy, smiles ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Hannah, I used your setting, and the idea of fairytales for the basis of my terzanelle, but have not linked it to both posts.

Hannah said...

Grace and Kerry...I'm so glad the setting inspired...I enjoyed what you've both offered!! Thank you so much for joining!