Monday, April 10, 2017

Poem Sketching

"Poem sketching" was introduced to me years ago here at The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads by Ella in 2012.  HERE is a link to that challenge and a fine description of how to create a word list.

When I have "writer's block" I use my own version of a "word list" - I write down words that apply to a photo(s) I have taken - what I see in the photos and the feelings and memories they evoke.  I will write down anywhere from 10 - 20 words and then I will get out my thesaurus and search for "richer" word choices.  "Alabaster" is a word I found for "white" and is a favorite word of mine to this day.

... here is a poem created from such a word list (two of a series of photos I used are posted here)

"The Sentinel"

Sentinel ever vigilant
gargoyle-like she stands,
ready to defend
her youthful charge

silhouetted silently
amongst swaying sweetflag
as the dewey eve
comes a night-tripping.

One last pebble thrown,
one last birdsong tweets,
she grabs his hand,
ushers him homeward -

today's voyage
soon tucked away,
his dreams of tomorrow rippling
beneath crisp, alabaster sheets.

Today's challenge is for you to create and use a word list - you can use the 2012 linked challenge "rules" or use my version.   Of course, post to Mr. Linky below and please visit and enjoy the others linked with today's challenge.   Thank you.


Kim M. Russell said...

Thanks for the prompt, Margaret! It forced me to use up some of the words in my 'words and phrases' file that have been in there for quite a while! It was also great fun to write.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'll manage this - time constraints preventing. But the word & phrase collection is evidently something I am lacking and intend putting one together after this. Thank you for such an informative post laced with great ideas

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Loved the prompt, Margaret❤️ I realized it really helped in the writing process and for that I'm grateful! Second week into NaPoWriMo wooo hoo!❤️

Anonymous said...

wow...what a prompt...stimulating, challenging...took me right out of my comfort zone and produced a poem i could not have written without having done so.
Thank You.

Marian said...

Whew! It's day 10 and I'm delirious. Nice prompt, Margaret!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I was thinking I didn't like this kind of prompt, but actually it turned out to be very interesting – and gave me an excuse to share a new photo I'm pleased with.

Robin said...

Great prompt Margaret! I love dragonflies so having them in my poem today was fun. I am really enjoying this challenge and stretching my wings a little farther than normal. Thank you Kerry for hosting this April Challenge! Rasz

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the prompt Margaret. Mine is a little out there. I spent the day at the hospital and I flipped through the photos on my phone, made a list, an well my spacey mind created a poem.

Angie said...

I use this process all the time. Photo is not mine, but fits how i remember my mother's assisted living facility she opened when i left the nest. I'd come back from college to new ladies all the time. true gems

Margaret said...

Just got home after a long day. Can't keep eyes open. Will be here in the morning to read. Thanks so much for playing along.

De Jackson said...

Late to the party tonight, as we're on spring break.
Loved this, thank you. Will be around to visit everybody tomorrow.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm sorry to have missed this prompt, Margaret, but I shall certainly be returning to it. Thank you.

Margaret said...

Thank you everyone for participating. = I was unable to click into emilie's poem link and a few I comment on and I don't see my comment - I did comment on everyone's ...