Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Tuesday Platform: Sing a song by way of ...

.....  and to whet your appetites, a dynamic selection to savour, before we get down to business.

Ode to Hope
Oceanic dawn
at the center
of my life,
waves like grapes,
the sky's solitude,
you fill me
and flood
the complete sea,
the undiminished sky,
and space,
sea foam's white
the orange earth,
the sun's
fiery waist
in agony,
so many
gifts and talents,
birds soaring into their dreams,
and the sea, the sea,
chorus of rich, resonant salt,
and meanwhile,
we men,
touch the water,
and hoping,
we touch the sea,

And the waves tell the firm coast:
'Everything will be fulfilled.'

Pablo Neruda

So welcome to Tuesday - 

Here is the platform for you to sing your song - share one of your poems, as per your choice. Choose from your repetitoire and Link up with the system and then, pop back around in the next few days and see what fellow poets have shared. Comment and appreciate in the community.

Happy Poeming\Penning People!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Such a beautiful poem for a Monday morning. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be travelling down to the sea tomorrow and may return with a shanty.

brudberg said...

A beautiful poem for the thing with feathers... have a wonderful Tuesday... me I'm sharing some dark stuff as usual.

Margaret said...

Thanks for hosting!

Marian said...

Such a beautiful poem, Pat. Thank you so much for sharing it. Anything that ends with "hoping" my heart wants to welcome. I am honestly starting to lose hope and am definitely losing perspective. Or maybe becoming more lucid each day. All of which is to say I haven't been in a great frame of mind and haven't been writing. I share a short and not very good short poem today and am grateful that none of the Toads has moved to evict me from my lilypad as I don't want to leave. :) xoxo to all of you. I will be around to read your words and find some hope there. M.

tonispencer said...

Thank you for hosting. Bless you for posting this beautiful poem, one of my faves

Frank J. Tassone said...

Afternoon, Toads! Thanks, Pat!

Frank J. Tassone said...

Sorry, Pat: I used the wrong link on my first Mister Linky entry.

Rommy said...

Going in a darker direction from my usual today

Carrie Van Horn said...

Glad to have made it this week. Happy October everyone!

Kim M. Russell said...

A beautiful poem! Thanks for hosting, Pat!

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Toads and Travelers 😊

It's good to see so many are enjoying the "ode" - I admit though, I had chosen another poem, but felt it a bit too gloomy and hard for it all; so Margaret Atwood was shelved and this is what I've discovered - and shared; glad that it's made people feel a bit lighter in spirit or heart, even if the pen and imagination wanders a bit over to the darker side in your words. No worries there for whatever you share.

So welcome welcome ....

and please forgive my tardiness at arriving ... I am not feeling particularly well or up to scratch, so I am slow in reading and my comments may not be altogether sensible. (oh dear - 😓 )

Marian Hope and loss there of ... well, lucidity is one of the actual results of veils falling from eyes, and deeper more resonate understanding ... especially when it all seems absurd, infantile, and most certainly like everything is actually bringing us further back into what was "a extremely dark age" ... but perhaps, this is all the more reason to stop, and catch a quiet breath, to allow for some "small and insignificant" moments to let themselves be known for their sheer beauty. The world, at large, can be especially mad - and yes, we question our sanity - but you know, it's perfectly reasonable to choose "other" - to decide which "battles" to fight - or write - and which to let slide. And the wisdom lies in knowing when to step back, step off, regroup and recognize what cannot be changed. ✌✌✌

Frank no worries about the link - duly deleted.

Anonymous said...

W.k. kortas I've tried reading your entry several times, but my eyes start to jump for the background and the words; it all jumbles up and makes it too hard for me ~ sorry - I just can't read through and comment.