Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Musical Interlude for Tuesday

When this slot became available, Marian (runaway sentence) kindly offered to take over with a musical prompt as inspiration for our writing. Unfortunately, Massachusetts was beset by snow storms this weekend, and she has been without electricity or internet connection. Therefore, I have stepped in temporarily to offer our first music challenge.

Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha du Prince, is a German electronic music producer and DJ affiliated with Hamburg's Dial music label. He made his debut as Pantha du Prince with a four-track 12" release, Nowhere (2002), followed a couple years later by a full-length CD/double LP, Diamond Daze (2004).

Watch this video of his song, Saturn Strobe, and allow your thoughts to flow. The visuals may aid the imagination, or you may prefer to listen with your eyes closed.  If poetry is the result of the experience, we would love to read it.  Please acknowledge the artist as the inspiration for your piece. 


Mary Ann Potter said...

I loved this musical prompt! I tried my best as reproducing Finnish in this writing - had to look up the words! - and did some research on the Arctic Circle. I took some liberties with astronomy,too. Maybe no one will notice! 8-)

Marian said...

hah! very different from what i had planned.... for next time. just a quick check in while i am on a computer, hello everyone, we still don't have power and it is chaos! we might have power by thursday night, they say... wah. xo to all, stay warm!

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Hi Marian ... hope it comes on soon. Very good to see you! I thoroughly enjoyed the music! Thank you.

Jinksy said...

I'm still thinking about this one - my cough/cold has slowed the process a bit this week! LOL