Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Memory Bowl

Sorry for the delay, between appointments, then Firefox kept shutting down on me.  It has been an interesting day. Today,  I discovered an idea  that I thought would make  an interesting poetry prompt. Suzan Stoddard is an Interior Designer and Organizer.   She was recently featured in "Where Women Create" magazine. I found Suzan's idea intriguing.  "When organizing I often discover small items that are disjointed".  She suggests taking a container, a bowl and place a variety of special finds to be discovered. Objects that might tell a story.  Gather up favorite small items, photos, etc. and arrange in a container, set in a location where they will be noticed. See what stories they conjure up.  I thought this might be fun to do for a poem. I just made a tiny memory bowl. You can make up your own bowl or use the photos I have listed. Whatever works for you; it will be fun to see what you come up with.  I would love to see photos of your memory bowls, if you care to share.  Think of all the possibilities~
This was made by artist Lauren Mumford~


Ella said...

I placed in my memory bowl, a Navy laundry pin, wooden spool of thread, skeleton key, tiny bouquet of dried lavender, tiny chair, origami crane, a photo, a laundry tag, and a shell.
I think if you do decide to make a bowl, pick items that attract your attention. Don't over think it...have fun!

Kay L. Davies said...

I have a surfeit of objects, so I only picked half a dozen. This is a very interesting idea, Ella. Thank you for thinking of it, and I hope to see how the others respond.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Kerry O'Connor said...

This is such a wonderful fresh idea!

Jinksy said...

This per-supposes I have enough space for a nonchalant bowl to stand and look beautiful! Hehehe! I love the idea and wish I lived in an elegant house with a plethora of window sills, or occasional tables... :)

Ella said...

Hi Jinksy-I know what you mean, but select your favorites and gather them! It will make you happy~ I'm going to do another one, soon. I'm still trying to work one poem into 3

Kerry-Thank you; I think it would inspire a lot of ideas, for poetry, art and writing~

Kay-I will be by; I am still working out so details on mine~
Thank you!