Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Listed ~ Of Catnip & Moons

Greetings to all! It gives me great pleasure to feature a word list compiled by none other than Tim Schaefer a.k.a Timoteo at Catnip Blog.

Tim has shared the following thoughts with us regarding his writer's process:

When working from a word list, I try to utilize as many of the words as I can--all of them, if possible. The more words, the bigger the challenge, and the greater the satisfaction (for me) if I end up with a successful poem. Often, though, there will be one or two words that become the square pegs I'm trying to force into a round hole, and I will eventually discard them rather than upset the balance of something I feel is working. 

There are many ways to begin. Sometimes looking at the list as a whole will suggest my theme immediately. Other times, I may focus on one or two words and get a feel for what they are saying to me, and I will set off in that direction like an explorer, allowing the poem to find its own direction as we go along. Like a novelist who, at some point, realizes that his characters are taking over and essentially "writing themselves," one needs to intuit when to drop any preconceived ideas and just let it happen. A big part of the joy of writing, I think, is being surprised by what can come out of you...especially if you "didn't know you had it in ya!"

Buen viaje

And now, the list of words!


If you have a chance, please check out Tim's collection of poems. His book is hot off the press, published in conjunction with ALL CAPS.

Available HERE

Our challenge today is to write a new poem for this prompt, using a selection of words from the list - a minimum of three is required.


Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, thanks, Tim. I love word lists, and also try to use all the words but you're right, sometimes some don't make it into the mix.
Will look at the list tonight, let it percolate in my brain while I sleep, and see what happens!

Susie Clevenger said...

Fantastic list of words, I didn't use all of them, but I managed to use several.

Unknown said...

I love love love the list...managed to use all.

Maude Lynn said...

Cool list, Tim!

Marian said...

oooh hey Timo! great list. yay.

Timoteo said...

Hi Toads! Hope you have fun with this list. I know I did. Many thanks to Kerry for inviting me to provide the word list this time around!

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your process, Tim. I also love that 'rush' when all of the 'list words' come together ..

Ella said...

Wow-now that is a list ;D

Thank you!

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh, and congratulations on your book!!!!!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your book. I love your poetry! I'll be back to read.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Some of my all-time favourite words here, Tim. Like calypso and precipice.
The weather has swung from a mild Winter into full Summer in a matter of days and I'm suffering from the unexpected heat, but I really hope to write something. These days I don't take poetic thought for granted.

Marian said...

i just have to say that Timo's book is FANTASTIC. truly wonderful! everyone should read it. i cannot say enough about it. trust me.

hedgewitch said...

I am not usually a list person, but this one grabbed me--so thanks Timo for dredging all those cool words up--also, enjoying Darwin's Moon a LOT. There have been several times when my husband has really looked at me funny for bursting into strangled hilarity from remembering a line or phrase during some random moment.

Kerry O'Connor said...

When in doubt, write about the moon.

L. Edgar Otto said...

Thinking of the list, perhaps too analytically which can be used of verbs or objects or moods... I am struck by it seems like an inkblot to which we betray our poetic state of moods trying to make sense of a focus artfully standing out as if it the only things in a new and strange environment, some other neighborhood but a block away in the city of poems built from the concrete desert of words.

When in doubt write about the moon?
After the first stanza of the first poster I see my mood vaguely too mechanical and dark (like later posters this vague yet romantic view emphasized.) well, hidden, cryptic, such view unpolluted by street lights or daystar... to which a call to self-reflection on my mood I stand eclipsed. Bravo All!

Hannah said...

Oh, I love word puzzles! Thank you, Tim!

Lolamouse said...

Quite the challenge! Mine is a tad silly (OK, very silly!) but I had a good time writing it! Will be back tomorrow to read others.

Margaret said...

A fun list - thanks! I am exhausted from cross country, voice lessons & tutoring (Wednesdays will be like this through the school year) but I hope to use this with a another challenge or post on Open Link Monday.

De Jackson said...

Loved this word list. Thank you. :)

Fireblossom said...

It's a very neat list. I'm feeling slightly under the weather, but am still hoping to come up with something.

Karen said...

Late, as usual! Writing this made me late for work this morning, too!

Fireblossom said...

Not as late as me!

Anonymous said...

My poem is silly, but I did use all the wonderful words.

Anonymous said...

in very late, and with but 3...