Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A little Emotion, A Little Romance and a Whole Lotta....ahhhhhhhh.....

Waiting until the last second once again...its just my style, love it or leave it...but...really, don't leave me!!!!!!  My turn for a favorite...a Poet I discovered while shopping at the Visiting Nurses Book Sale in my home town of Phoenix, Arizona.  She has this dark and romantic lilt, you know, the kind that I love and it is packed with emotion and a bit of torture in my opinion.  I am no professional...but this woman saw some things, wrote some things....and I like. Here are a couple as here stuff is rarely long. Hope you enjoy!!!!


Muse Went Away

Muse went away by the road,
The autumnal, narrow, steep,
And her swarthy feet were slopped,
With large drops of dew in her slip.

I begged her, with hope and fear,
To stay till the winter’s white lace,
She answered, “There is a grave here, 
How can you still breathe in such place?”

I wished to give her a she-pigeon,
The whitest in our doves’ nest,
Bur suddenly and without reason,
She fled after my slender guest.
I looked after Muse, and was silent,
I loved only her till my end,
And in skies grew a sunrise giant,
As the gate into her own land.  

Thank You, God

Thank you, God: I dream of him more seldom,
And don’t see him now in every place,
The white path with clouds has been laden,
Easy shadows o’er the waters raced.
And all day the chime of bells arose
O’er the ocean of the ploughed soil;
Here the toll is best-heard from Saint John’s 
Belfries which are seen afar, the tall.
I am cutting off the lilac fashioned 
For the brunches that have lost their bloom;
Two black monks passed by in conversation
On the ramparts to the aging doomed. 
Let, for blind me, the plain, dear and earthly
World again be turned into alive.
Our Lord has made my soul healthy
With the icy calm of the non-love. 

When I Write Poems
When I’m embraced by airy inspiration,
I am a bridge between the sky and earth.
Of all what heart high-values in creation
I am a king, when breathing with a verse!

Just if my soul wishes it, my fairy,
I shall give you the peaceful coast band,
Where, with a hum, the pinky sea is carrying
The dreaming tide to reach the dreaming land. 

I can do all, just trust in me: I’m mighty;
I have the roots for kindness and for love;
And if I want, from clouds and from the lightning
I’ll make a cover your sweet bed above.

And I can, dear, create a word such special,
That it would change laws of the whole world,
To call again its own celebration
And stop the sun from fall in the night cold.

I’m all another in my inspiration,
I am a bridge between the sky and earth.
Of all what heart high-values in creation
I am a king, when breathing with a verse!


Yeah....just sayin'. let me know what you think! Blogger is messing up on me so I cant get the spacing exactly right...forgive me.


Kerry O'Connor said...

This is like waking up on my birthday and finding an unexpected gift among all the things I asked for.

I'm blown away, Corey. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing poet. The first poem touched a really deep chord.. and who hasn't once thanked God for the death of feeling once love has gone. I feel such a kinship with this writer whom I had never heard of before today.

Karen said...

Knowing a little of her biography makes her poetry even more powerful. What she endured as an artist, a mother, wife, and lover is incredible. I especially love the story of the woman who recognized her outside the prison and asked if she could "write this".

Poetry matters...

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

I too am 'blown away' with her ability to express with such unique rawness and curious influences from where ever they came.

nice find and thank you for sharing, crowley. now will have to research her

Margaret said...


I googled her and am in AWE of her... The above is a brief biography.

Thank you. She is now on my list of poets to read.

Maude Lynn said...

I particularly like the last one, Corey. Thanks for the introduction!

Kay L. Davies said...

A very interesting poet, especially interesting because the first and final stanzas of the last poem could describe you. I love the line "a bridge between the sky and earth"!

Susan said...

I felt that I had seen her face in paintings. Now that I have been lured by these selections to read about her life and then look up some of her more controversial witness poems, I am in love with her poetry! Thanks, Cory.

Susan said...

I wish I could read it in Russian.

hedgewitch said...

I love her--the inventor of the sevenling, among her many accomplishments, and a fine fine poet. Thanks for sharing her work, Corey.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Ah, the sevenling! I thought her name was familiar!

Ella said...

I am blown away! There is a fragility in her words-so powerful!
Stunning-I am going to go read more of her work-Thank you so much Corey for sharing her! Outstanding :D

She looks familiar to me!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I had not heard of her either, and the hints of her life story intrigue me. Thank you, Corey, I will investigate further. I especially like her third poem, where she says when she writes poems, she is a bridge between earth and sky. That is awesome.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

OMG, what a life she led under the Soviet regime. I need to find a book about her life, my favorite kind of story, oppression, poverty, imprisonment......and writing amazing poetry through it all. WOW! Thank you, Corey, for this introduction.

Susie Clevenger said...

Thanks Corey for the introduction to her work. I hadn't heard of her and then to read about what she endured is beyond amazing. I will definitely add her to my list of poets. I love all the poems you shared, but this line really stood out for me.."Our Lord has made my soul healthy
With the icy calm of the non-love."

Gail said...

I like

Hannah said...

Ooo...this is excellent! I love how you stumbled upon her, Corey and through reading the comments that she's the inventor of the sevenling...I love that form...I'm going to look it up and put it to work in a poem soon...Thank you Corey for this great gem of a poetess!! :)

Grace said...

Thank you for introducing her to me Corey ~ Her words are indeed lovely to read specially the last one ~ Will check out more of her life & work ~

Have a good day/night everyone ~

Fireblossom said...

GREAT choice!

Anonymous said...

cool find - thanks, Corey ~ M

Marian said...

WHOA. just, whoa. !

Herotomost said...

Thanks for coming by everyone...she is quite amazing, and her story is as interesting as her poetry, I agree.