Thursday, July 23, 2015

Get Listed - July

Ring o' stars - fair use image, no infringement intended

So Ringo Starr just turned 75, and Beatles tunes are everywhere.

This one stood out - "Taxman" - primarily because of my own recent ... disagreements ... with said titular character.

Some might say they're a necessary evil.  I suppose that's more than even half-right.

I favor paved roads, for instance.

found on Pinterest - Himalayan road

image from

And running water.

Running Water

But did you know that some places don't have tax? For example, the United Arab Emirates (at least according to Wikipedia) - not that I want to live there.

Consequently, this month's Get Listed word list is inspired by that Beatle's lyric, and Mr. Starr. Happy birthday, good sir.

As a reminder, for those who choose to participate, please select at least 3 of the following words (reasonable variants are ok), and pen a *new* poem for the prompt. Then, publish it to your blog, and link your specific poem (not the main blog) in Mr. Linky below.

The link will remain open, so please re-visit and comment on the other poems, too - I suspect I'm not alone hoping that someone besides the taxman is paying attention...

The list:

taxman, heat, prison, fear, mail, inevitable, premise, sovereign, system, advice, beware, kept




Outlawyer said...

Hey M--I am so sorry about your tax issues (if in fact you had them and are not just commenting belatedly on the passage of April.) I would not like to live in UAE, however. (And I'm guessing that they collect fees in a zillion other ways--shipping, banking, etc.) Anyway, I can't imagine it is much fun to be a woman there!

I will think about these words--I wrote something the other day that I may try to get in shape first, so may be late--we'll see. Thanks as always. Hurrah Ringo! k.

Fireblossom said...

Got to love the literalism of "running water".

C.C. said...

I agree with Fireblossom.....that is awesome!!

For some reason my link to this prompt got linked up with Ella's prompt the first time around by accident.I have no idea how that happened, but sorry for the inconvenience :-)

Kerry O'Connor said...

It is the season of sonnets!

Thanks for another great selection of words and for fixing the linky woes, Michael.

Sumana Roy said...

I really enjoyed writing this one..thanks Michael for the words :)

hedgewitch said...

I'm afraid I wondered a bit far from the subject of taxes, M--but greed is greed, I say. Thanks for the very challenging list, and for hosting.

Sweeper of Dreams said...

I hafta say at first the prompt brought out my scrunchy eyebrows, but the poem practically squirted out, inspired by a few tuesday challenge poems too. Thanks for the prompt (& reminding us of... Taxes... duh duh duh)

Ella said...

Thank you, Michael! Yes, I agree with Hedge-greed works for me, too~

Ella said...

I fear I am blocked~ I will go walk and return and see if the words flow. A great challenge, M~