Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Edge

Yes, I fell off the grid-for a bit.  I had some health issues with my thyroid and decided my Debbie Downer mood needed time out.

 © Ella Wilson

I put my house on a diet. I had kept too many things, children's artwork, school papers, odds and ends of fabric, yarn and much, much more.   Being a military family-we usually move every two to three years. My husband's orders forced us to face the music and go through our household goods-sort,  toss, and give away items we no longer used and had out grown.   (He is retired.)

I want to end my Debbie Downer cycle.  So, let's not concentrate on what we have out grown, but what we will never out grow!   My first thoughts are:   Love, laughter, the ocean, the stars, flowers, rainbows, the sky's color, words, rebirth of spring, puppies, music, movies, and much, much more.   

Poets, writers and artists seem to be able to keep their inner child alive longer, than most.   So, pen a poem about what you will never out grow-what will always delight, inspire, and amaze you. 

P.S.  Did Peter Pan enter your thoughts?!   Me, too.




Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks for a great prompt, Ella. I wrote my poem earlier this afternoon. Hope you like it.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha, how timely! WONDERFUL to see you back, kiddo! Yippee! I have been in a Debbie Downer mood too and in fact just wrote a totally downer poem about trying to hang onto hope at the end of your will have to go to the Other pole, and I'm with you, blue skies and puppies all the way. I shall return!!!!!

Ella said...

Kerry-I am excited to read yours~ I just got home from going to the doctor. I hope my thyroid levels are back to my normal~ You are kind!

Sherry-I will stop by! I have missed being part of the online blogging world. I just had too much going on and knew I had to fold for awhile~ Thank you, Sherry!!! YOU are always sweet~ Ocean, blue skies and puppies. I thought of you, when I wrote the prompt!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hey everyone,

This is such an exciting prompt! I have always loved roses. Something which never ceases to amaze and inspire me :D Sharing my poem "Colors of Rose", hope you all like it :D

Thank you Ella for this wonderful opportunity :D

Lots of love,

brudberg said...

Inspiring and I really turned this into a summer poem.. hope it works.

Outlawyer said...

Hey Ella--glad you are feeling better. And back! k.

Ella said...

Karin-Thank you, so much~ I am glad to be back. There is an uplifting energy when you share your soul. You are always so, kindhearted-thank you!

Brudberg-I love that it is a summer poem! I can't wait~

Sanaa-Oh, I love roses! You are sweet~ @>--------------

hedgewitch said...

Ella!--good to see you in the pond again, and thanks for a challenge I doubted I could write to, but then, you know--I did. ;_) Back later after chores to read.

Margaret said...

I am very busy but so excited to see you back I just had to participate. Thank you!

Ella said...

Hedge-Your offering was dazzling! I am sorry I was late getting to you. We have had thundershowers and I had to shut everything down. I am happy to be back and I loved your poem~ Thank you!

Margaret-You amaze me-with all your snuggle bunnies you still manage to find time to write and comment! Thank you~ I so enjoyed your contribution! I will look through your links~

Thank-you, Toads for joining in! You never disappoint and I am in awe of the talent in this pond. I want to go back and see what I missed~
I always in awe of all the unique, beautiful voices in our garden~

Jim said...

Thank you Ella. This was a nice exercise to help us understand our personal values and feelings better.
I am glad to see you back. I have always liked writing for your challenging prompts.

Hannah said...

Hi Ella! I've been pawing this one over and over since Thursday...finally got some time to put words into the machine but I'm hesitant to link...I'm late and I don't have a lot of time for sharing this weekend, (again! Sigh...) Any way...I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration to write. ♥

Lolamouse said...

Welcome back Ella! I'm late (as usual) with my poem, but it took me a while to put it together. Thank you for the prompt!