Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"A" List Toads!

Hey all you "A" listers! Tell your agents you'll call them back. This is Fireblossom with a first-rate set of word lists compiled not by me, but by our shy friend from last time.

Okay, here's the dish. Write a poem using any of the following:

*any of the five-word sets

*use any combination of words from any of the sets

*use just ONE word

*or use ALL the words (and then report to the clinic for observation!)

Our shy list-maker wants everyone to know the words are flexible; for example, you are allowed to change "sweltering" to "swelter" if it works better in your poem.







Remember, poems should be NEW poems written specifically for this challenge. Please link back to Toads from your post, and add your name to the linky, so that we can visit and see what you've come up with!

After all...anyone who's anyone will be there! Ta, darlings!



Susan said...

This was fun, Fireblossom. I tried to use all of the words with Pees. Now, time to sleep, hopefully without a pee or not as a princess, hee hee!

hedgewitch said...

Well, dear Shay--as I've probably tediously said before,I'm not a big fan of word lists, but I did my best and cooked up something just for the Garden, because who could resist all those uppity women in the pics. It could be dangerous. ;_)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Many wonderful words, we're spoiled for choice. I may have to put this project on ice for a while, but will certainly try to get back to it later in the week... Unless a bright idea troubles my brain before bed-time.

Marian said...

love these! i promise to respond. :)

Margaret said...

I am still running around like a chicken with my head off trying to get our house ready to put on the market, but I think I have a little time to play today. I will be back this evening to read everyone's poems.

LLM Calling said...

I'm reporting to the clinic for help. the poem I've produced is unlike anything I've ever written, and I.quite like it

Mary said...

I used 20-plus words. Not sure of the exact count. Quite fun.

Marian said...

i did it! and now, i crash, with a promise (and a desire) to read all of yours tomorrow. xo

Mystic_Mom said...

I used all the words, I hope I did your lists justice. It was a fun exercise for me which I needed. Will be reading all your poems over the next day or so. Bless you all, sure have miss you!

Manicddaily said...

Hey Fireblossom, I am not much for word lists - they remind me of to-do lists (of which I have too many). But I like shy people. So thanks. k.

The Mukhtiars said...

nice one

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the list! I was going to write a senryu for each word, but I ran out of steam.

Jinksy said...

No knowing where a list of words may lead?! LOL ♥

Ella said...

I too love this list! ;D

Grandmother Mary said...

This was fun- I used about 15 of the words and enjoyed the process. Thanks, Shay.

Karen said...

Reporting to the clinic. I lost count...

Anonymous said...

Poetry Prompt by “Imaginary Garden with Real Toads”
Using a group of 5 chosen words: These are my 5 word group.


“Grandmother In Pumps”

Her caring but controlling grip as
I pushed the pedestrian light button
Green, enticed my next accurate suspension...

My eyes dallied away from her pump shoes
to the slick sidewalks left to addle,
and, each step took permission ...

The knee brace clanking secrets inside the
Thick white knee sock
That hid red, plump scars pumping...

Her all encouraging love enticed
Eagle eager eyesight from a merciless reality
To a lightweight wingspan for flying!

Hannah said...

Thank you sweet word girl and Shay!! Sorry so late...xo

Unknown said...

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