Monday, February 11, 2013

Open Link Monday

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden...

Source: confusedtwenty on Flickr
...the hang-out of Real Toads.

I wish you all a very happy Monday in the garden. I am always encouraged by the way members and visitors use this opportunity each week to share their talents and support the writing of others. As you know, there are no restrictions to what you may link up. We ask only that you take the initiative to visit a few of the blogs represented here, and for your courtesy in returning visits to your site. Above all, enjoy the poetry!


Unknown said...

Gday all... Ill try and get some reading in but may be difficult a overnite stay in the city of Melbourne for work this week

Susan said...

Happy Monday! I'm so far behind--I will be back to read the Cascade poems as well as today's. I love the open-link ones, and the very difficult Cascades turned out to be amazing.

LLM Calling said...

I became a Godmother again yesterday and the poems I've linked are all about that special gift.

Susie Clevenger said...

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this will be a fantastic week!!

Mixi said...

Hello Toads!

I love open-link Monday because it gives me the chance to share some of my poems that highlight the issue of gender inequality in India. It is an important issue that deserves a voice, and needs to be heard all over the world.

Thank you everyone, for reading and commenting on my poems. It gives me hope that this topic has reached sensitive, independent minds with voices of their own.

Wish you all a happy week ahead :)

Ella said...

I love the photo! Yes, let's make Monday happy ;D

Marian said...

good morning, pals! that photo feels particularly apt today :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Well, I do hope there are some flowers under all that snow, Marian, or at least the promise of them.

Helen said...

An oldie to celebrate the beginning of Lent / Mardi Gras / Spring / Pancakes / Cornish Tea????

Herotomost said...

Hey toads...luv you all.

Gloria Baker said...

Gracewhat lovely picture I love it!

Margaret said...

Oh, I so don't miss all that snow. Don't mind a dusting now and again. Stay safe and warm, those of you in the snow belt.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Wrote a poetic obituary for one of the coolest dudes in Madison, a musician, songwriter... hope you check it out. Thanks for Open Link Monday... the diversity of work is wonderful! Amy

Deborah said...

“I’d Have Never Known”

A perfumed memory from the past
Warm and round like a pink flannel
Ball one’s induced to caress

A heap of fresh made cotton candy
Huddled so close enough to nibble
That I refused to resist

What does a ten year old know?
Somehow, I understood the valuable
And what was priceless

A palpable, and tiny pearl-looking Eskimo
Curled within two young, innocent shells,
One heart that also tasted death.