Monday, February 4, 2013

"In Tandem" with Grace & Margaret

February is upon us and surely we will all receive a dozen red roses come the 14th.  Right?  Well, most likely I will have to buy them myself or take a photo at the grocery store (see above).  After almost 23 years of marriage, the "wooing" is more a (very) steady (hot) ember, not a raging fire, and believe it or not, I adore it this way.  However, if my mother had told my teenage self this, I would have rolled my eyes and most likely uttered "pathetic".

(Ember as in smolder/simmer not as in dying out. Oh boy, I might get in "trouble" with my remark :)

Hello, toads!  Grace (also known as Heaven) and I, Margaret, have collaborated for this "In Tandem" challenge keying in on February as the month of love.  Grace the teenager, me the mother.   I believe we ended up with a poem that pleases us both, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Lessons in Love

He loves me, he loves me not.......

I carry this ache in my breast
Is this what love is, mother,
a madness that strikes your bones,  
rattling all sensations, snatching thirst 
until nothing sates your cup 
like his hands on your cheeks ? 

Do I tell her I remember
all-consuming passion,
youth unbridled, love

that a woman’s heart 
is made to break a hundred
if not one thousand times?

There is a fire raging my hands  
Is this what being in love means,
To be a seed, potted with words 
Bursting with color, shape & rhythm,
I quiver like bowstring, an artist 
coming of age,  I write until his
breath lingers in all of my words.  

Do I warn her an inferno consumes,
rages until nothing is left? 

Love is a fire 
burning steady and true,
yourself reflected within his eyes,
an image blossoming, 
propelling you forward like an arrow, 
straight and true,
his voice blending with yours,
hands faithfully molding,
lips forever encouraging. 

His love wounds me mother
I am drowning like a seashell,
oiled in coral, burnt desert sky 
Is this what mercy is, an amnesia
of memories that swims with the tide
until everything is swallowed dry by the sea ?

What do I say as her love lies bleeding,
youthful innocence hemorrhaging?  

Would she understand if I told her
a woman’s heart is a flower
never ceasing to bloom, 
roots extending, petals reaching,
forever nurturing, regardless of 
“He loves me, he loves me not”.

Some things are as old as time, 
must be experienced and survived,
so I wrap my arms around her
and for now, say nothing.

by Grace & Margaret, February 4, 2013


Mary said...

What a wonderful 'in tandem' for February! Love the interplay of your words. You both wrote your 'parts' very well. Smiles.

Ella said...

I love the wild caress of both voices. How love rambles and continues reaching! I love the element of growth, throughout your poem! Your voices of tender youth n' wisdom are so eloquently portrayed!
Bravo! I especially loved these lines:
I am drowning like a seashell,
oiled in coral, burnt desert sky
Is this what mercy is, an amnesia
of memories that swims with the tide
a woman’s heart is a flower
never ceasing to bloom,
roots extending, petals reaching,
forever nurturing, regardless of
“He loves me, he loves me not”.

<3 your poem! ;D

Susan said...

to break, to bloom . . .
Tears in my eyes from the images and truths in your poem! And, yes, the silent hug, heart touching heart, is key to knowing it is, all is, and all will be well. Love.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Do I tell her...?
Do I warn her...?

A woman's is a flower
never ceasing to bloom,
roots extending...

We who have experienced the joy and sorrow of passion and love know that there is nothing that can be said to shield our daughters from the same thing.

This poem is so touching, so poignantly written, it breaks my heart.

Fireblossom said...

Those last two stanzas say it all, and say it well.

Marian said...

yes, so heartbreaking! but a glimmer of what may be at the end... mama is not saying nothing, she is for now saying nothing. for me, a window opened by that line to further intimacy between mother and child. beautiful!
love your photos, too, Margaret.
lovely, lovely words, Grace and Margaret!

GoddessChhavi said...

Oh my God, I so love it. It is beautiful and I now know why we receive flowers on the 14th. I am touched with this poem. Sharing it on my fb page! lovely.. <3

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is absolutely wonderful and wise. Utterly pitch-perfect. Nothing harder for a mother than to watch her daughter riding those tumultuous seas - until she finally finds a love that's real. Fantastic collaboration, ladies! Perfect for this month of love.

Unknown said...

Dialogue feels authentic in this tandem poem as it flows through the "learning about love" process.
Thank you for your work and for sharing it here in the garden.

LLM Calling said...

beautiful, I adore it, well done girls

Helen said...

Margaret & Grace ...

Your in tandem poem speaks volumes, speaks truth. I have ached (physical pain) watching my daughter struggle ~ thankful now she is in a warm, loving, stable relationship.

I realize how my mother felt watching me.

Susie Clevenger said...

This is a beautiful poem of truth. As a mother it is hard to watch a child go through love and have it break his/her heart. Both of you did such a wonderful job of working together. Each piece flows into the other without hesitation.

Margaret said...

Thank you all. As you can imagine, I was a bit intimidated to write about love with Grace, but I survived and it was fun. She spear headed the prompt as I had no idea what to write about. Truly, this garden of toads inspires, encourages, and supports in a lovely way.

Lolamouse said...

Your voices blend seamlessly together in this mother/daughter duet. Innocence and wisdom dancing together but still apart. As for me, I still want flowers (though I doubt I'll get them!)

Jennifer Wagner said...

Oh heck, you rocked it ladies!

Scarlet said...

The roses images are lovely Margaret ~ I was inspired to write about them, so thank you for sharing your words ~

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and support. And of course, I expect flowers from my hubby or else, there will be trouble..he.he...

Love and hugs to everyone ~


Maude Lynn said...

Great job, ladies!

Hannah said...

Wow. Margaret and Grace. I love your approach and that you took on these roles and that it was SO believable. The language you both used was heart-rending and so full of the tumultuous taste that love has to offer. Just excellently executed you two!! Bravo!!

my heart's love songs said...

really wonderful! the truth told so poetically! i have a daughter and now my granddaughter is a teenager ~ all of us have to experience love {and heartbreak} for ourselves.

Ellecee said...

This is a truly beautiful collaborative work. Your voices blend so well and having been both a Mother and a Daughter in love,,, I related to every word,,,,

Deborah said...

Absolutely wonderful conversations of two minds meeting in one heart's purpose ~to understand and love ~ thank you sincerely ~Debbie