Monday, March 18, 2013

Open Link Monday

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden...

Wikimedia Creative Commons Licence
Jane Art

...Expect to meet a few toads.

Greetings to all! Here's hoping that the luck of the Irish will be with you this week, as well as the joys of Spring. What better way to enjoy a new Monday than to share in the wealth of poetry to be found in our garden? Please link up a poem of your choice, and join us in reading and supporting the work of others.


asteria's canvass said...

mine is first comment....:)

Susan said...

Have a great week!

Janine Bollée said...

Good morning all.
Kerry, hope you can find some moments to sit quietly in the midst of all that hard work. How many weeks off for Easter?

Grace said...

Happy Monday to all ~

My poem was inspired by graffiti art we saw last Sunday at downtown market. Also written for Kay's Sunday Challenge ~

Jenn Jilks said...

I must admit to being too early for spring. We expect 15cm Tuesday. sigh.

Herotomost said...

Monday, Monday, La la,la la la la.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Hi Aprille, I'll have 9 days off - 5 working days and two weekends. Then it's back to the grindstone again. Brief respite.

Wishing you all a lovely Monday, whatever the season in your parts.

Marian said...

good morning good people!

Timoteo said...

Mornin' Toads! Almost officially spring here.

Unknown said...

I used the above picture as my prompt and ended up writing a gloomy poem. How the hell does that happen?

Kay L. Davies said...

I've been multi-tasking here. It doesn't work well for me, so I'll get back to commenting after my nap!
See you all later.
Luv, K

Unknown said...

Hi everyone! Just wanting to give everyone that feeling of Spring.

Ella said...

It is gorgeous in the garden today! I will be by...looking for inspiration! Y'all always bring it-lol Okay I'm not southern, just having fun~

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for the invitation ~ Sincerely Deborah

“Beneath the Lily White”

It served me well the gesture of
Light yielding buzz and hum,
The blood drop like a tear drips
After the slip,
The scissor,
The cut,
And, the release of new life
When thorn clung
To my winter-pallor.

Lorna Cahall said...

I wish there were some way of persuading folks that the wild is so important for us. We're on the verge of wiping everything out. This wolf, went so far because there were no other wolves to be found.

Susan said...

Hey, guess what? Tuck Magazine published my poem "Early Onset" as a flash fiction in their March 2013 issue:
Check it out and leave a comment there, please, with response/feedback/criticism/kindness.
Thank you, dear Toads! Susan