Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Sunday Challenge ~ Take #2 with Margaret Bednar

Back in January, Margaret was our featured photographer on The Sunday Challenge and many of us fell in love with her photography.  You can imagine my excitement, when I noticed that a new element had been added to Margaret's blog, Art Happens 365.

Portrait of the Artist

In her own words:
I have a new "side blog" called i & I. It is all about spontaneous photography, compositions that catch my eye, sweet moments that can't be choreographed. They won't be pixel perfect and will often be a bit grainy as they are from my iPhone.  I invite you to hop on over now and again to i & I and ENJOY!

© Margaret Bednar ~  i & I ~  2012

"Hopes & Dreams"
                 by Margaret Bednar, June 19, 2012

I grasp

as day
gives way

to evening

and dreams

and shared

as my pony

and nods

I recently asked Margaret if she would be so kind as to share her images with us again, and she has generously thrown open her entire collection of iPhone Photography, which can be accessed HERE.  A sample of this amazing photography can be seen below, but Margaret has invited you to make your own choice from her blog.  Please remember to acknowledge any photos you upload with her name, as all images are under copyright.

© Margaret Bednar ~  i & I ~  2012

© Margaret Bednar ~  i & I ~  2012

© Margaret Bednar ~  i & I ~  2012

Margaret recently took a trip to the Antietam Battleground in Maryland, and was inspired to take a series of photos, which she shared HERE.  These images have also been offered for our poetic inspiration.

© Margaret Bednar ~  i & I ~  2012

The Antietam Battleground in Maryland was the bloodiest day of the Civil War with over 24,000 men dead upon the rolling farmland photographed here. These are from my iPhone, using "Instagram" textures.

The Sunday Challenge is posted on Saturday at noon CST to allow extra time for the creative process, so please do not link up old work which kind of fits the image. Members will only respond to poetry written specifically for this prompt: this is in the spirit of our Real Toads project to create opportunities for poets to be newly inspired. Management reserves the right to remove unrelated links.


hedgewitch said...

Wonderful photos--and my eye's not good enough to tell if there are any slight quality differences--they look good to me, and I'll have to see if I can find a way to pick just one of them. Thanks Margaret, for sharing your work so generously with us again.

Scarlet said...

My post is up ~

Happy weekend to everyone ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Absolutely stunning photography. Wow. Will be back!

Dulce said...

What a challenge, Heaven- Great prompt

i'll try do my best

Hannah said...

Wow, Margaret!!! Thank you!! Your photography is amazing...such a feast for my eyes. Wow.

Dulce said...
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Dulce said...

mine is up now

Must say here I cannot get into wordpress blogs (no idea why) So please let Hannah know I've been there and loved the horse's thoughts so lovely


a.n. flores said...

I stumbled across this page and decided to give it a try. The photography is really beautiful and inspiring.

Helen said...

Margaret is an exceptional woman .. thanks so much for featuring her photography and her poetry.

Kerry O'Connor said...

@ A.N. Flores: I enjoyed your poem very much, but could not leave a comment on your blog. Thank you for participating in a Real Toads challenge.

Susan said...

2am, 3 am, 4am -- I can't think of a better use for insomnia. This time we're going for a ride in a VW Beetle, probably listening to the Beatles--but I do not recall if I had a radio at all. I never took a snapshot of this one but details are etched in moments of trial and of laughter. Old friend. (How I do go on in the second wind!)

hedgewitch said...

Woke up in the middle of a dream and wrote this down, snatched two of Margaret's photos that seemed to be part of it, and now I'm going back to bed. Will be around to read in the morning when my brain is making more sense. Thanks, Margaret, for your inspiring work.

Susan said...
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a.n. flores said...

Hi there! I forgot to enable comments on my site. I should be working fine now. Thank you for your kind comments.

Teresa said...

Amazing pictures, Margaret. Such a generous offer to let us use your photos for poetic inspiration. Soon all my kids will be born, and I hope to get back to writing some poetry.

Kay L. Davies said...

What wonderful photos in your i & I blog, Margaret. I wish I could choose one. I wish I could write something about it. Unfortunately, my muse is missing and has been for some time now.
But I'll be back.
Meanwhile, I very much enjoyed the privilege of seeing your new photos. They've made my day.

Susie Clevenger said...

Margaret is so talented. I always enjoy reading her poetry and seeing her inspiring images. Thank you so much Margaret for letting us be inspired by your photos.

Ella said...

Margaret...I love your photos! They are stunning! I had a hard time picking out just one ;D
Thanks for sharing your gift~
I'll be pack to post. I'm taking my daughter to Color Guard Camp this morning! ATB

Kerry O'Connor said...

I have the beginnings of a poem, but the words are not flowing with me at present, so I'm not forcing it out.. You may see one of your pics popping up very much later than this challenge was issued, Margaret. Hope that's okay?

Mary B. Mansfield said...

What gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us :)

Karishma Shetty said...

Brilliant photographs, Inspiring work. I felt like I had so many ideas while browsing through her album :)

my heart's love songs said...

i'm a huge fan of Margaret's ~ writing, art and photography! thank you for allowing us to use your photographs! i was just finishing a poem and wanted a photograph that could be 'Middle Earth.'

and thank you for a wonderful prompt, Kerry!

i'll be around to visit over the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

finally got mine done and posted - better late than never?

Margaret said...

Honestly, you all honor me. I just returned from Washington D.C. - what a wonderful vacation destination! I will be around tomorrow to read all your poems... I am so excited!