Thursday, February 23, 2017

Out of Standard: Multiple Choice

My view from Cafe Vesuvio (where the beats wrote), across the alley the fabled City Lights Bookstore.  Photo taken on 1/5/17, San Francisco.

Greetings Garden Dwellers and welcome to the Out of Standard, where I set before you a challenge to defy the conventions of a particular theme and find new places in the everyday. 

In the current political climate of my America shaped box, leaders are lifting lines directly from one of my favorite authors - a man whose books are read in every high school in America - George Orwell.  Hearing all the Orwellian chatter brought me right back to the classroom.  And so it is in that spirit which I present to you today's challenge.

The Multiple Choice poem
The challenge is simple.  Write a poem in the form of a multiple choice test.  The whole poem could be a test, or you could insert a multiple choice some where into the normal structure of a poem.  I've provided links to two examples from my blog.  Feel free to use them as a starting point. 

Pencilz Down
Never Had

Keep in mind
Like every challenge, your poem must by newly written for this challenge and not one which you have previously written which conveniently fits the theme.

That's it. The platform is yours. The mic is warm.
So go now, my muddy buddies, and bring us back something shiny and new.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks for always asking us to think outside the box, Izy

Margaret said...

I always grown when I see "Out of Standard"... not because I don't like your challenges but I KNOW they will be challenging! Thank you - very, very intriguing prompt and I will do my best.

Gillena Cox said...

Very interesting prompt, since you presented the 'very in-expected' I will have to sit down and really really ponder this one

much love...

Kim M. Russell said...

A really challenging prompt, Isadora, and completely enjoyable. It took me a while to come up with something, which was prompted by a short article I read last weekend. Thank goodness for Saturday newspapers.

brudberg said...

I had crazy fun with this... :-)

Jim said...

A nice prompt, Izzy. It brings memories. I 'may' have time to write something later. I taught in a college for 22 years. In about 1984, just when the college gave me a computer, the text book companies started giving the teachers a computer program and a bank of test questions to ask. Since then I used them to make my tests. I would add a few of my own questions and then had from three to six essay questions. I'd have about ten True/False questions over basics information to make sure they had that down. Sort of a review, the T/F, a refresher, and covered one last time the very basic stuff. Also pushed the curve up a little higher. My tests were hard, they all knew to be prepared.
Wished I had my test generator now, to write this poem for me. :)

Isadora Gruye said...

squeeee, such fun responses. Thanks for playing everyone!